10 Oxford Marriage Ceremony Myths and Legends

With increasing numbers of people getting married in Oxford, how many paid attention to these myths before, during and after the ceremony, do you think? Getting married can be a stressful time but with some of these superstitions you’re inviting more stress into the day – take an easy-going attitude and look on some of these myths with humour so you enjoy your wedding day in glorious Oxfordshire to the full.

Before the Wedding

1. Legend says that it is bad luck for the bride to sign anything using her married name before the ceremony. It is said that this tempts fate but it also doesn’t particularly apply – in which cases will you need to do this?

2. The myth goes that the bride shouldn’t make her wedding dress but this is clearly an out-dated superstition – countless brides are getting in touch with their creative side and stitching their own wedding ware, probably without any problems save a few pricked fingers!

3. What does the colour of your wedding dress say about your wedding? According to legend, married in white, you chose right. Blue, your lover is true. Pink – watch out, your fortune will sink. Married in brown, you’ll live out of town.

4. On the way to the church, if you cross paths with a spider, a black cat, a dove or a lamb you’ll have good luck. But meet a pig or a funeral party and you’ll have bad luck.

The Wedding

5. It is a commonly believed aspect of the ceremony that it is not good luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding day. Most wedding venues in Oxford will be aware of this one and will certainly take steps to ensure the paths of the bride and groom do not cross!

6. Some people say that dropping the wedding ring at the ceremony is a positive sign because evil spirits are shaken out but others say that it is a bad omen for this to happen at the ceremony. In any case, it’s embarrassing, so should probably be avoided unless you want your ceremony to be featured on YouTube.

7. Similarly, some people say the bride wearing pearls is bad luck because the pearls represent her future tears. Others say the pearls take the place of her tears, thus signifying luck and happiness. We say; if the bride likes the look of pearls, wear them.

8. The vows should be exchanged as the clock’s minute hand is going upwards in order to be lucky.

After the Wedding

9. If the bride wants to have influence over her husband in their marriage, so the story goes, she must be the first person to buy something after the ceremony.

10. When removing her dress and veil the bride should make sure to throw away all the pins or she will be unlucky in her married life, according to popular myth.

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