2013 SEO Trends

All dream of getting listed in the first page of the search result by almost all major search engines, but only a few are able to do so. Do you know what the reason behind it is? Yes, you got it right – SEO. Those pages are search engine optimized. Most people who use internet are well aware of this term. However, only a few are able to utilize it properly for their business purposes. As days pass by, the technology advances and the entire scenario keeps on changing each and every second. Most search engines do not reveal which algorithms or strategy they use to pick out the most accurate results for their users.


With the use of Panda and Penguin, it has become a daunting task to design a website that can get high rank in the search. The latest techniques do not encourage almost all black hat SEO techniques that once ruled the online marketing industry. The SEO trends keeps on changing as the search engine’s algorithm changes which makes it necessary to have a knowledge about the current trends.

A small note on some of the 2013 SEO trends

Quality matters

Gone are the days where the search engines preferred keyword stuffed contents. The latest techniques used by the search engines focuses on the quality and freshness of the content. Nowadays, focus is given only to quality and not quantity. Always keep your content updated, and provide the visitors with all the information’s they need.

Social Media

Humans are able to value a content more precisely than any software. All search engines use this as a measure to rate a site. This is why all the marketers create, share or promote their products and services, in all social networking sites. If you have not shared it yet, you are going to fall back.

Mobile Search

The number of mobile users is increasing exponentially and a majority of them are switching to these devices to access the web. So take some time, learn about latest techniques and devote resources to make your website function well for all the users even they are using the mobile.


Always prefer the latest and attractive design for your website. It does not mean that the search engines focus on the design, but an eye catching design can influence the number of visitors to the website. As the number of visitors increases, the traffic also increases. This is an effective way to get traffic thereby increasing the page rank.

Rich Snippets

It is a tool used by Google to give a summary about your website. This will help the user to easily understand what the website is all about. It will be better if you can give the right information for the searched keyword.

Today, the competition is so high that you need to be updated about all the recent changes in the field of technology which in turn will help you to create or maintain a high rank in the search result. Know the current trends, and update your website, as it can make a positive impact on your business.

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