5 Easy Updates to Make Your Home More Secure

As a homeowner, keeping your home safe and secure is likely a top priority.


If you have children or family members living with you those safety concerns are amplified. While there are basic things that every homeowner should be doing like checking the locks each night before bed and making sure your kids understand basic home safety, there are other ways to make your home more secure.


In many cases, modern technology is a great way to make your home a lot safer for you and your family. Use these five tips to help you keep your house as secure as possible. Due to cost, you likely won’t be able to do all these at once but work through them for better protection and peace of mind.


1. Get a Smart Alarm System

The old alarm systems that made a loud sound and didn’t even call the police worked – sort of. Today, you can get smart alarm systems that allow you to do all sorts of things, including locking and opening your doors via computer or smartphone for the repair man, your kids or even house guests. That means less keys floating around and a lot less time with your doors open. Make sure at least your front door and back door are wired properly.


2. Consider Installing Cameras

Installing video cameras around your home might seem like it’s a bit of an overkill if you don’t have a big compound to protect. However, surveillance cameras are very affordable these days and they’re very easy to monitor via a computer or laptop. Even if you don’t go crazy and buy a bunch of them for the perimeter of your home, installing one or two at main entry points can be a big deterrent for criminals who want to get in your home.


3. Replace Old Windows

Old windows are basically a target for thieves, especially ones that can easily be removed from the frame or broken with ease. Rotten wood frames are also a very easy target. Replace your old windows with newer thicker ones that have metal frames. They’re difficult to break and they’ll be much more efficient for your home. That means lower electric bills as well as a much safer house.


4. Update Your Doors

The doors that lead into your home are just as much of a target as your old windows. In fact, old doors can sometimes even be picked up and moved off a track or quickly broken. Believe it or not, many thieves do choose to break into homes this way.

When it comes to replacing your doors, make sure you buy ones that have a solid-core and are strong to the touch. You’ll also want to consider a reinforced strike plate and a grade one or two commercial deadbolt. They come in all sorts of different looks, so you don’t have to give up that great look in order to keep your home safe. You can even install a new strike plate and deadbolt on your own.


5. Add Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights aren’t the most sophisticated technology when you think about it, but they are very good at keeping burglars away from your home in the evening hours.


Ideally, you want to have outdoor lights around entryways like doors and windows on as much as possible while you’re asleep. However, you likely can’t cover each window in your home with a light that’s going to stay on all the time. In those cases, you should install motion-activated lights. That way burglars, who try to get into your home, will move on to another target. No burglar wants to be seen by your neighbors and caught by the police.

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