5 Effective Ways to Highlight Your Eyes

If you want people to be attracted by your inner beauty, you must ensure that your outer self is just as pretty. And since it is said that the eyes are windows to the soul, it’s g good idea to start with them. Here are five tips to help you bring the attention to your eyes:

Use the tools of the trade

Before you jump in and buy all sorts of makeup, you should first familiarize yourself with the basic tools for beautifying the eye area. After all, it’s not just makeup that can work wonders for your eyes. With the rise of the barely there look, sometimes all you need is a bit of grooming. One essential tool is a curler, which as the name suggests, is used to curl lashes.

Accentuate your eyebrows

If you want to make your eyes look bright, you shouldn’t just focus on the lids. You should also beautify the area around your eyes, especially your brows. Whether they’re bushy or fine, well-groomed brows are a must.

For bushy brows, regular plucking or threading may be necessary just to keep hair in line. You can also brush them to get a better shape. Meanwhile, if you have sparse brows, you can add volume with an eyebrow pencil or a pot of eyebrow gel. For a more enduring solution, you can also have an eyebrow tattoo drawn. Both permanent and semi-permanent options, such as the Luxe Gel Tattoo Eyebrow from RiRe, are available.

Go for the right kind of eye makeup

Layering on heavy makeup won’t make those crow’s feet, wrinkles, and dark circles disappear. In fact, they may even make those lines more obvious. Instead, just use the right shade of concealer and a creamy highlighter below the lines—not over them. Meanwhile, you can also use a white eye pencil to perk up the inner corners of your eye.

Get enough sleep

Of course, no matter how much eye care products or makeup you put on, if you don’t get enough sleep every night, they’ll be all for nothing. After all, sleep is the primary way the body repairs itself, and the ingredients of these products work their magic while you’re sleeping. So if you really want to do away with the dark circles under your eyes, sleep is the most important part of the solution. Make sure to get around seven hours of sleep per night.

Avoid the sun

The skin under and around your eyes are thinner and more delicate than the skin in other parts of your body. This means that they get damaged easier by strong sunlight—and wrinkles are proof of that damage. Hence, when going outdoors, make sure to put on sunscreen on your entire face. Make sure to wear sunglasses with UV protection as well. These will block the sun’s UV rays, preventing them from hitting the area around your eyes, and eliminating the need for you to squint just to see where you’re going. After all, consistent squinting leads to crow’s feet.

With these five tips, you’re sure to get pretty eyes that will match the beauty of your soul.

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