5 Qualities To Look For In Secure Shredding Service Provider


The advancement in technology has cast its spell on the business strategies, as every companies start to collect the information about their customers in their data base, and use it for future business development campaigns. In a few years, most of these data in the database turn out to be irreverent and it becomes a real headache for the company to maintain them.  In this situation, the company can only opt for a safe and secure method of information destruction-document shredding. There are two options for companies to discard these sensitive documents, onsite shredding and offsite shredding. Depending up on the nature of the business and the level of security of the documents, offsite shredding is preferable for most of the companies.

5 desired qualities of a top notch secure shredding company:

NAID Certification: The National Agency for Information Destruction is an international trade organization that regulates activities of the shredding companies. You can depend on a NAID certified company, and a company that is certified AAA by NAID is considered to be the safest one as it follows secure shredding strategies. They can reduce the risk of exposure of your sensitive documents to any third party.

Legal compliance: A NAID qualified and certified secure shredding service company will provide you an official certificate of destruction, which ensures the customer that their documents are destructed, following the best practices put forward by NAID. This certificate is accepted by all and it will help you to get rid of any legislative, legal and federal issues that may arise in the future. 

Cost effectiveness: Handing over the destruction process to a secure shredding company will enable you to reduce the overall cost of shredding, as it is no longer required for you to operate any costly machinery or engage labor to destruct the documents. This will enable your employees to concentrate more on their work, as they are relieved from the task of document shredding. The shredding companies take responsibility of the waste materials evolved from shredding, which will indeed help you to save on waste management.

Quick response: To make the service of a shredding company effective, it is necessary for them to have a quick responsive customer service department, which is open 24×7 and can be approached via phone or online. This high flexibility in work schedule will help you to assign them to any unforeseen shredding task that may arise in your company at any time.

Go Green: Most shredding companies recycle the waste evolved from the destruction process. This will help your company to reduce its carbon footprint and make it more eco-friendly by protecting the environment by conserving trees, water and oil.

The shredding process has become an inevitable procedure in all modern information management systems. The shredding is a process that demands high security, where each and every step is designed in such a way that, it gives maximum security from the point where the documents are collected, to the final stage of destruction. If your business is small, and the amount of information to be destructed is low, then it will be better to choose onsite shredding company service.


Ryan is an expert who currently works with Lombard Recycling offer mobile shredding services.

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