5 Things a Divorce Lawyer Can Do For You

Have you done everything you can to make your marriage work and now you are facing a divorce? You don’t want to travel this difficult path alone. A divorce lawyer or family lawyer can help you navigate the tricky road of divorce and help you receive what is yours following a divorce, including custody or visitation rights of your children.

This is the rest of your life. Don’t take chances going to court without legal representation for your divorce. Here are five things a family lawyer can do for you during your divorce.

1. Follow appropriate timelines for petitions and motions with the court.
When it comes to filing for divorce, there is a time for every action. Proper paperwork must be filed and court deadlines met, according to Annutto Law Office, with offices in Nashua, New Hampshire and Lowell, Massachusetts.

2. Leverage relationships with local judges and other attorneys to help ensure swift proceedings.
It’s no secret that any business transaction can go more smoothly when the parties involved know and respect each other. The same is true for legal proceedings. Local divorce lawyers have a rapport with the other attorneys and judges on your case, and are also familiar with proceedings. This can help create a lower stress environment during a difficult emotional time.

3. Help you get everything you are entitled to in a divorce.
Your divorce lawyer will use their extensive knowledge of local divorce law, as well as the experience they have with divorce proceedings, to negotiate for you when it comes to child support, spousal support, child custody, and division of property, according to Annutto Law Office.

4. Protect your rights during divorce proceedings.
If you are to receive everything you are entitled to following your divorce, it’s crucial that your rights are protected throughout the process. A divorce lawyer has in-depth knowledge of child custody laws, property laws, and other divorce laws to ensure your rights are protected. You don’t want to risk the loss of your hard-earned property, or even your children, by trying to manage it all on your own, especially during the highly emotional time of divorce.

5. Help you avoid litigation entirely through mediation. 
In a perfect world, no divorcing couples would ever need to go to court to fight for their rights. The best divorce lawyers are also highly qualified and experienced mediators, who may be able to help you avoid the court battle while getting you a fair divorce agreement. The right divorce lawyer will know the correct legal terminology to draft a divorce settlement that is solid and equitable, avoiding hours in court and reducing stress on both parties and any children who may be involved.

Are you still not sure if you need a divorce lawyer for your proceedings? Why not give one a call for a consultation and determine if having someone manage all the details of your divorce will help you reduce your stress and focus on what’s really important in your life?

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