5 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Tech Trends

the past few years, advancements in AI have made running large corporations and
small businesses more accessible. It seems that today, everyone has access to
vast amounts of data that create sizeable advantages in the market.

this article, we will talk about five new tech trends that entrepreneurs and
small businesses can leverage for a competitive edge in an accelerating

Automate Back-Office Tasks

and tedious administrative tasks serve as some of the most significant
roadblocks for growth. Use the wide arrange of applications and software that
can automate those repetitive and mundane aspects of your company.

use of software like Taco and other machine learning software, you will save loads of time, energy, and money. They
take some effort for initial set-up, but once you have delegated all of these
time-consuming tasks, you’ll feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

Smart Payment Options

businesses should make it as easy as possible for customers to make purchases
or subscriptions. Receiving and sending money should be easy. Luckily, many new
technologies make it simple to accept payments, even for the smallest of

like ShinePay.co, are
used by landlords and laundromat owners alike to offer users a streamlined
payment for washing their clothes. No one likes to deal with quarters in 2019.
The best start-ups, services, and small businesses are flexible and offer a
variety of payment options.

Gain Valuable Insights

like Google Analytics use algorithms to deliver valuable insights in a
digestible and straightforward manner. If you want to stay competitive, use
this information to identify and analyze patterns.

clear visualization of data allows you to make predictions. You can use this
information to develop strategies for marketing, finance, and sales.

like Google Analytics
and IBM Watson are affordable and easy to navigate. They are essential for any
small business owner or entrepreneur.

Personalize Customer Experience

learning can help you to create a more personalized buying experience. If you
offer an online experience, you can utilize data to better target your audience.

about programs like Netflix and Amazon. When you log on, you’re shown exactly
what you want to see. This is because these services make use of machine
learning technology.

Virtual Personal Assistants

we mentioned before, one of the biggest challenges can be wearing all the hats
of your business. It is easy to lose track of appointments, calls, and other
essential tasks. A virtual assistant is someone real, who can help you with
those human and time-consuming duties.

need to put some work into finding the best VA for you, and you’ll also need to
organize all of the tasks that you feel need to be outsourced.

are many tools such as Upwork, that small businesses and organizations can use
to find reliable, loyal, and efficient independent contractors. Hiring on
someone like this can save you a lot of money and also boost your productivity

The Verdict

As we enter the new
decade, entrepreneurs and small business professionals must take advantage of
the vast array of new technology trends. As AI becomes more advanced and
communication between customers and consultants becomes more straightforward
and more personalized, the opportunities are endless.

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