6 of the Most Popular Home Trends for 2014

Popular home trends tend to change slowly over the years. While 2014 has some common trends that have been around for a while, there are also some new trends that are just starting to emerge.

The following trends are hot and popular for homeowners across the country this year.

Open Concept


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Over the past 25 years, open concept living has been one of the most popular home trends, and it continues to be one today. This is especially true for open concept kitchens. At one time, living rooms were the gathering place of the home, and kitchens were relegated to a small room in the back of the house.

While trends may come and go, expert home builders like Homes by WestBay see many of the below trends as ones that will continue to grow in popularity for many years to come.

However, homeowners today put more value in a large, open kitchen where families can gather and entertain. In fact, president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, John Petrie, thinks this trend will continue to grow. He believes walls will continue to come down as more homeowners begin to embrace the open living concept.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners are still interested in going green. Upgrades such as Energy-Star rated windows, programmable thermostats, and Energy-Star rated appliances are popular choices for those looking to make their home more energy-efficient. One reason energy efficiency is still popular is because of the money it saves homeowners over time.

While the average homeowner spends 75 cents in electricity for every square foot of their house each year, those with more energy-efficient features in their house end up spending about 65 cents a year.

Quartz Countertops

Kitchen improvements are still one of the most sought after projects in remodeling, and it’s usually the countertop that most people want to upgrade. In a Houzz survey, 94 percent of homeowners who are planning a kitchen remodel want to replace their countertops.

While half of those surveyed still say they want granite countertops, 36 percent said they would choose the up and coming quartz. It’s easy to see why engineered quartz is gaining in popularity. This man-made material is made up of about 95 percent ground quartz and about 5 percent resin. This makes it durable, nontoxic, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

Metal Backsplashes

While tile has been the standard choice for backsplashes, more homeowners are opting for different materials when they remodel their kitchens. While the Houzz survey shows that tile is still the most popular choice for backsplashes, other materials are gaining in popularity.

At 15 percent, glass is the second most popular choice for a backsplash. Even unique materials such as tin, stainless steel, and stone are showing up in kitchens. Homeowners are turning to these materials because of their stylish look and ease of cleaning.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are still a popular choice for spaces like the living room and hallways. Families with pets and children tend to like the ease of cleaning hardwood. Unlike carpets, they don’t have to worry about hardwood floors staining from spills. Also, advancements in technology are creating engineered woods that are moisture, stain, and scratch resistant.

The most popular width for hardwood floors ranges between 2.25 inches and 3.25 inches. However, larger widths all the way up to 5 inches are gaining in popularity. While birch, oak, and hickory are popular choices for wood, many are also choosing darker colors like black walnut.

Staging A Shelf

Shelves are no longer just for storing books and mementos. Today, homeowners are using their shelf space as part of the design of their home. Many homeowners are positioning items on their shelves to not only create a scene, but to take photos to share on social media.

These photos, called “shelfies,” can range from cookbooks and utensils artfully displayed on a kitchen shelf, to travel souvenirs arranged on the living room bookcase. Create a style shelfie using these decorative accessories, and incorporate something natural like flowers along with something that has personal meaning. Also, make sure to vary the heights of all the objects on display to keep the balance pleasing to the eye.

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