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Starting a new office can be a daunting task; there are all the logistical problems of arranging the building, lease and funding before signing up for the utilities and selecting a telecommunications system. There is of course the ‘small matter’ of furniture and fittings even before the worry of whether the business will succeed.

If it is merely a new branch of an existing business the product range will be established but nevertheless it is a nervous time. When it is a case of someone with experience in a particular sector deciding to use his or her expertise to leave employment and become independent, the essential thing is to have some financial backing and a confidence in personal ability.


Staff and environment

If there are existing contacts that can help all the better. Recruiting staff is one of the early tasks and that can be vital if it will be starting on a small scale; it is difficult to know whether each employee will fit in with the others but hopefully the excitement that everyone will feel from being part of a new venture will get everyone determined to make it a success.

A comfortable office environment  is very important and that involves making the office bright and attractive; office desks selected can provide the employee with plenty of work space while also containing storage space.

Buying office furniture

There is quite sufficient to do getting the business started without spending too much time walking around looking for furniture and fittings. As long as it is comfortable an office chair is nothing more than somewhere to sit.  The best way to order office contents, furniture and fittings is online at a national supplier that can provide everything needed.


The growth of eCommerce is evidence that the early days when people were skeptical about the security of personal financial details have gone. Payment gateways have proved perfectly secure. There can be no better way of buying than being able to sit in front of a screen looking at an extensive range of products and selecting accordingly.

The Internet is a great tool for research and information but that does not necessarily mean it is impersonal. Perceptive companies understand the meaning of service; not only do they have good product ranges but also staff that can answer prospective buying questions, much the same way as a sales assistant would do in a store.

It is not essential to even make initial contact; a user friendly website will have all its range and transparent pricing so that a total cost can be calculated early on. If the cost is suitable the only question left will be the ordering, payment, delivery and returns policy that should be clearly explained.

A new venture has many elements and some are completely non productive yet time consuming. When it comes to furniture for a new office this can be the easy part.

Would that everything else was so straightforward may be an occasional thought

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