The Affects of Drug Abuse on One’s Family and Friends

The deaths from drug abuse and overdoses have increased dramatically over the past fifteen years. This alarming statistic has caused an increase in drug awareness, but we seldom hear about the effects an addiction has on the user’s family and friends. Their behaviors affect everyone around them, and without taking advantage of the drug rehab Utah recovery centers offer, the entire family suffers. The following are just a few ways an addict’s behavior can affect loved ones.

Risky Behaviors

Whether someone is using a synthetic opioid like fentanyl or heroin, their judgement will be affected. They often engage in risky behaviors that could hurt them or those around them. A person that might normally be able to sense danger can all of the sudden start walking right into the face of it. This leaves family and friends confused.If someone suspects a family member or friend of a serious drug problem, they need to see through these behaviors for what they really are.

Drug Seeking Behaviors

These risky behaviors are often brought on by a desire to do whatever it takes to get their hands on more drugs. Their actions could be as simple as lying to a doctor in an attempt to get more prescription drugs to committing armed robberies. Either way, the people in their lives will lose their faith and trust in them. Others may even wonder what they did to cause the person to be so dishonest with them.

The user is smart in the sense that they don’t want to be caught. They especially don’t want their families to catch on to their addiction because they know those people closest to them will try to stop them. This leads to more lying about their actions and where they are spending their time. Loved ones are left feeling shut out.

Financial Problems

When a person that has always been financially independent suddenly has problems keeping a job, paying bills, and saving their money, those around them are left scratching their heads and wondering what is going on. Drugs have a way of taking over a person’s mind. They are no longer making decisions based on realistic facts. Instead they are desperately trying to feed their addiction at any cost. This behavior will continue until they seek Inpatient Rehab In Utah from professionals like the ones at Pinnacle Recovery Center.

Neglecting Responsibilities

Neglecting responsibilities can be anything from not helping others around the house to skipping work or school. At first, these behaviors may seem like typical defiance issues. This is especially true with younger people that often display this type of behavior for other reasons than drug use. That is why it is so important for family and friends to know the warning signs of addiction. When responsibilities are being neglected on a routine basis, someone needs to help this person seek treatment. Especially if there ar additional signs of a possible dependency.

Isolating Behaviors

Often times the hardest thing a loved one of an addict has to endure is the isolation a user will put in place around them. They start spending more and more time alone. When asked to participate in get togethers or fun outings, they will have several reasons why they simply cannot join in. Family and friends are left feeling like the person no longer cares for them.

Unfortunately, many people give up at this point. They figure that if this person doesn’t care enough to be around them, then there is no reason to keep trying. In reality, the person that is suffering from a drug addiction needs their loved ones now more than ever. Friends and family need to see past the surface of these problems and understand the real meaning behind their loved one’s behavior.

By recognizing the behaviors associated with drug abuse, friends and family can help their loved one get the care they need. Too often the negative behaviors of an addict leave those around them thinking it is something they did rather then realizing it is the other person that has a problem. It’s a very serious problem at that, and they can only get better with a proper treatment program and the love and support of those in their lives.

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