Best Freebies That You Can Give Potential Customers

Best Freebies That You Can Give Potential CustomersLet all be honest for a minute. We all love free stuff! Regardless what it is we all love it! We see people scramble at sporting events for t-shirts, balls and hot dogs. We all know the famous saying “If its free its for me!” We might not know what drives people to the point of dancing for a free t-shirt while on a jumbo screen but we do know one thing. That this is a great advertising weapon for just about any business. We all have them at probably don’t realize it. Look around on your desk or in your car, there are probably a couple dozen pens from businesses, banks, restaurants or anything else. So out of all these shirts, Frisbee and pens what are the most effective? Well think of yourself as a customer, what would you want? Here is a list of the best things you can give out for free to your customers that will benefit you the most.




We all love these and love to wear them regardless what they say or look like. People will wear them around town, at the gym or even doing yard work. These are great because someone will wear it guaranteed and someone will see them and see your business name. It is one of the cheapest mobile advertisements that you will ever have! People will become familiar with your name and you will become a house hold name over time.



We all need them and use them. This one is not as good as T-shirts because pens are easier to lose then money in Las Vegas. However, if you manage to get one floating around in a couple of offices it will help people learn about your business and what you do.



These are great for just about any occasion. If you offer free food or even something as simple as 10 percent off a product of yours it will get peoples attention. Try to partner up with a local team or sponsor something in your area and pass these out to insure some business. It is not quite free but there are great websites that can help you like Groupon or Living Social. People love great deals and are willing to try anything if its a good deal.

Things that are not quite as valuable but would get more attention from the children would include balls, Frisbee and other cheap and easy to break items. Don’t forget the value of the basics like business cards and fliers about your business. People who are a bit more professional will appreciate these and will use them if needed. Keep them simple but detailed! Include your business website, number and contact information. You can even include your linked in profile and other information so people can learn about you and trust you. You can get any of these great products like business cards and other printed goods at Make sure you leave a good impression and you will get many returning customers and your business will thank you for the years to come!

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