Best ways to travel to business meetings around the world

Although the days may be long and constantly being on the move can upset your internal body clock, there is something impressive and almost glamorous about travelling to a business meeting. Even with the ease of virtual meetings, sometimes making an effort to meet clients face to face is not only a good move to improve relations, but is expected of you as part of the process.

Being able to conduct your business meeting in the same room as your client gives you the opportunity to use the personal touch to get what you and your company need. Obviously, the global business world can go about their day without having to meet anyone in person to get the required results, but the personal touch can show a willingness to communicate more deeply.

Making an effort to travel in person half way around the world sends out a clear message that you care enough to go out of the way to show how important your relationship is. The best business relationships can be made with a mixture of physical and virtual meetings, but you should begin with a face-to-face encounter to get off on the best foot.

Also, if you are making an effort to meet in person then arriving in a style befitting the occasion has to be a priority. Even if this is not the very first time you are meeting with your client, there will be firm impressions made by any encounter.

The same way that you will want to look your best and appear presentable for your meeting, so it goes for the mode of transport you arrive in. You are not going to appear a good business prospect if you turn up in a battered old car that has seen better days. Obviously, it depends on who and where you are meeting, but there are several ways to impress on arrival.

The sky’s the limit

It may not be a suitable mode of transport for every business meeting but if you are travelling to one of the wealthiest parts of the world then turning up in a private helicopter is going to say a lot about you and whom you are representing. In big business acting like you do this kind of thing every day would be a very impressive move and shows that you are willing to pay for the very best to get what you want.

Know the local culture

Seasoned world business travellers will know that you should brush up on local etiquette before you arrive at your destination. Sometimes this may be concerned with bringing gifts – or even the way you give and receive them – but it can also extend to how you arrive. In Greece, for example, being personally driven shows that you have a high standing in your business so it could be a good idea to research into driver services, such as the one offered by Vangelis Marinakis, to impress your hosts.

Look good and get the job done

Although it may not be the ideal way to travel if your meeting is in the middle of a bustling city, using a limo to get to your business meeting has several benefits. Being chauffeur driven in a stylish car will make you look important even before you shake hands, but there is also a practical element to this mode of transport. With someone else in charge of getting you to your destination, you will have time to do some last minute revision of your proposals to make sure you are at your best in your meeting.

Travelling to meet business clients and colleagues is never the economically sensible thing to do – at least in the short term – but to be successful, you need to realise that you will have to put the work in to get results. The people that you are travelling to meet will definitely respect you more for making an effort and are more likely to want to listen to what you have to say.

You only have one chance to make a first impression is an old saying that is true in the world of business. If you have decided that the best way to conduct business is face to face, then arriving in a manner befitting the occasion should be one of the first things that you organise.

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