Building your London Business

Starting and developing your own business can be difficult and this can be made even harder if you’re in a busy market area. London is a hub of new business activity, digital growth and networking events so it is of course a prime area for building your new business. If you’ve decided London is the place for you to begin your business then there are a few things you should keep in mind. There are over 20,000 businesses based in the city and that number grows every single day.


Directory Listings

To start out it makes sense to get your business listed in as many London directories as possible. It’s great for exposing your business and there are both print and online directories available throughout the city. These include everything from the classic Yellow Pages to niche directories via the web. There are also premium options in both cases which are a great idea if you’re a visual business and want to show off some of your work. Many online directories give you the option of entering your business for free and the more places your listed the more likely you are to be found.

Virtual Office Space

If it’s too soon to find your own London Office Space consider leasing a virtual address to begin with. Your own business address makes your company seem more viable and respectable and when you do eventually decide to branch out into renting your own office you’ll already have a customer base to invite on-site and discuss business with. An official business address that isn’t your home address is always recommended.

Get Online

Although you’re proud of being based in the country’s capital, getting online can only be a good thing. Even if it is only to direct local clientele to your offices or studio, it’s essential to have an active web presence. Searches for businesses in London happen very frequently and with a decent web site and well optimized presence you’ll soon be turning up in search results. You also need to maintain a strong social media presence and take all the possible opportunities to advertise your business using these free means.


Take advantage of the city

There are conference and meeting facilities throughout London which can be rented for single session use and are ideal for new businesses who need to conduct business meetings but don’t think their living room quite lives up to the standards expected for professional business discussions. Conference centres across London provide professional working environments that will give your business a professional image and the equipment on hand means you can put together state of the art presentations and really make your company shine in front of potential customers or partner companies.

London is a worldwide hub for business opportunities and there is nowhere better in the country to start your new business. Head along to networking events and chat with experts in your field to ensure you’ve got the best chance of success.

Penny Garland runs a small e-commerce business in Westminster. She rents London office space to ensure her business runs smoothly and effectively.

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