Career Overview of a Day Care Van Driver

an driving jobsWorking in a day care can be an exciting career opportunity for those who enjoy being around children. However, classroom training and experiences are not essential for all day care jobs. There are abundant of after school programmes and summer camps associated with child day care. In fact van drivers play a crucial role of driving the children from one place to another safely.

Responsibilities of a van driver working for a day care

The van drivers are responsible for commuting children from their home to the day care. A van driver helps children to get on and off the vehicle. It is also their duty to assist children with disabilities to mount and alight from the van. The drivers load and unload from the van wheelchairs, crutches or other necessary items that these children may require.

Ensuring safety of each child on board is the major task of the van driver. According State’s safety belt regulations, each child has to be seated and strapped. The driver also has to follow the traffic laws. In order to deliver children safely at their destinations, the drivers have to keep an eye on the speed limit, road signs and various other safety regulations.

The van drivers also have to perform simple maintenance works. It is their duty to timely load the tank with gas or diesel. They have to inspect the vehicles and take them for oil change. The drivers have to keep their vehicles clean all the time and have to prepare reports of their various trips. Such a record will include name of the destinations, the number of miles that you have travelled and receipts in relation to the trips.

Becoming a day care van driver

In order to be a van driver in a day care, no formal academic qualification is required. Managing children and helping them to travel to and fro between school and home is not that simple task. These drivers have to operate their vehicles carefully in any kind of weather. It is their duty to make sure that the children reach their destinations safely. Therefore, a day care centre will prefer candidates for van driving jobs with prior driving experience. Some things that are essential for the job of a driver are suitable license, good driving record, excellent eyesight and proper colour vision.

If you have cleared the car test after 1 January, 1997, you are eligible to drive the vans under 3.5 tonnes. You will require to pass the LGV medical, practical and theoretical tests to gain C1 license. C1 license holders can drive vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes.  Those who have cleared the car examination before 1st January, 1997 are automatically entitled to C1 license and can drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes.


Some agencies train drivers and prepare them for C1 tests. Specialist driving schools train the drivers privately and they can take the tests independently after such trainings. Other aspects that a driver needs to know such as safety regulations and traffic laws are also taught in this training process.

Skills that a driver must possess

Few skills are crucial for a driver’s job. These are:

  • High level of concentration
  • Good geographical knowledge
  • Sufficient awareness of road safety
  • Sensible towards children
  • Excellent sense of responsibilities
  • Polite towards other road users

Salary and opportunities for career progression

A full time driver in a day care usually earns around £12,000 per year. With experience, a driver can expect an increase in salary. Some of the schools may recruit the drivers to carry-on certain basic administrative tasks. However, whether they will be accepted in these supervisory roles depend on their skills and performance. Those who are hard workers and possess strong leadership qualities can expect to get promoted in these supervisory roles.

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