Carrying out a Legionella Risk Assessment is a Business Essential

Every business owner has the responsibility to ensure that their employees and customers are kept safe. It is your duty to make the workplace an area free from any dangers or hazards. This is a responsibility, which needs to be handled with the utmost care and importance. There can be no corners cut when it comes to ensuring that your workplace is safe. After all, you do not want to put people at risk, and you do not want to suffer the consequences of a hefty fine and an irreparable reputation.

When it comes to your workplace there are various different assessments you need to carry out and precautions, which you need to put into place. One aspect that is essential is the conducting a Legionella risk assessment. Legionella is a bacteria and it can create a very harmful disease called Legionellosis. It goes without saying that your workplace needs to be free from the possibility of Legionella so that it is safe. Nevertheless, with the bacteria being associated with water, it is something which can very easily occur. Hence why there is a lot of emphasis placed on Legionella when it comes to the health and safety of your workplace area.

As mentioned, this is a bacterium which travels via water. Therefore it is something, which can easily grow and easily be passed on as well. It is recommended that any company that deals with water in any shape or form carries out the Legionella risk assessment. In fact, the law states that if you own a business whereby people can be exposed to water then this is something that becomes mandatory and therefore must be carried out. Therefore it is highly recommended that you carry out the risk assessment as it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Of course this also means that some businesses, such as spas, are particularly susceptible to Legionella and thus this is something, which needs to be carefully monitored at all times. After all, there are some businesses whereby the exposure to water is part of the whole service provided.

The importance of making sure that the Legionella risk assessment is carried out by professionals is something that cannot be underestimated. As mentioned earlier, when it comes to health and safety, there is no possibility for corners to be cut. You need to make sure that your assessment is carried out by professionals so that you know it has been done to a high standard and that there is no risk of a mistake being made. In addition to this, most top health and safety companies will provide you with a thorough aftercare service and thus they will monitor your businesses in order to ensure that the risk of Legionella is never present. This is highly beneficial; after all just because your business’s water is clean today it does not mean it will be the same in five months time.

As a business owner it is your duty and your sole responsibility to protect the public and your staff when in your workplace. Make sure you upload this duty by carrying out an effective Legionella risk assessment.

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