Choosing the Tumble Dryer that Suits your Needs

Tumble dryers have become much more than a luxury for many homes – they’ve become essential. Busy families need to be able to ensure uniform and mountains of baby clothes are available in seconds and a tumble dryer can ensure a constant supply of clean, dry clothing. The range of tumble dryers on the market can make choosing the right one for you difficult but finding the machine right for your circumstance shouldn’t be impossible if you follow our guidelines.

Types of Dryers

There is a range of different types of machine for you to consider and different ones are appropriate for different homes. Here is a closer look at the different types of dryer and who they might suit.

Condenser Models

These tumble dryers are very versatile and the ideal option for smaller homes or rooms. It can be placed anywhere in the home and the moisture from your clothes is removed into a tank which you can then empty after each use. You simply pour it down the sink.

Vented Models

Vented models are the traditional option found in most homes and a venting kit is needed to get all moisture out of your home.

Spin Drying Models

These are a newer development and are considered the most energy efficient and cost effective on the market. They’re great if you only plan to do small loads or have very limited space.

Integrated Models

These are a quick fit and space saving option if you are considering a new washing machine too. You can have both facilities in one machine and both save space and cost.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has become a key sought after feature in all electronic appliances. All dryers are graded from A+ to G in terms of efficiency with A+ being the highest and G being the lowest. Efficiency is graded in terms of economical effectiveness dependent on the use of electricity. A+ models will use much less electricity than G graded models but this efficiency will also be reflected in the price.

Size and Capacity

The majority of tumble dryers will take a load of laundry from between 4 and 8kg. If you pack it to the max you can be sure that drying will take longer and creases will be more pronounced. If you gave large loads on regular occasions you may want to choose larger drum capacity than average.

You can find machines which are front loading or top loading and you’ll often find top loading machines have higher capacity.

Your circumstances are what will determine which machine is best for you. It could be you have a favourite brand, are looking for a machine that fits in with your kitchen design or only have space for an integrated machine. There really is a machine for every environment and your decision is simply to decide which is best for yours.

A tumble dryer gives you so much more freedom as you can avoid the time it takes to hang out all your washing and tumble dried clothes are often  less creased so you may be able to skip on the ironing too.

Kelly Popper is a freelance writer from Middlesex. She runs a product review blog covering everything from counter top appliances to branded tumble dryers.

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