Why the Design of Your Office Must Reflect Your Brand

Increasingly, we are now seeing a number of businesses become obsessed with their branding; and rightly so. The branding of a business is vital in shaping public perceptions, and your brand often defines what your business is and what it stands for. A brand, however, goes well beyond a logo and a staff uniform, and your office/ shop space must reflect this brand, here’s why:

  1. Create an All-Encompassing Narrative

A brand is there to help you sell and help you set you apart from your competitors. In order for your brand to sell, it has to be believable, and creating an all-encompassing narrative is by far and away the best way to do this.

If your branding only stretches as far as a logo and a staff T-shirt, then it is unlikely to make the desired effect on your customers. If we consider a successful and powerful brand, such as Apple, for example, then it very quickly becomes clear that the strength of the brand helps to sell the product. If you enter an Apple store, you’re immediately hit by a sea of white minimalism, with the technology taking the centre stage. The key question you have to ask is: if someone entered your store blindfolded, would they be able to identify the store and the brand? If not, it’s time for a re-think.

  1. Clearly Define the Concept

The effectiveness of Apple’s branding leads us on to our second point: clearly define the concept. Don’t just think about what you’re doing; also think about why you’re doing it and whether it is cost effective for your business.

For example, large plasma screens may look fantastic, and may aid your branding if you’re a technology company, but are they really necessary and do they provide a return on investment? Apple’s simplistic branding clearly defines their concept as a sleek, smart, futuristic technology company, and considering the size of their business it costs them very little, providing them a maximum return on investment.

If opulence is your desired motive, much like Apple’s, it could in fact be cheaper to rent a virtual office from somewhere like London Executive Offices than to redecorate yours, and is something you should consider to maximise your return on investment.

  1. Create the Mental Link

Finally, no matter what option you choose, you must ensure that it carries through to all other aspects of your business. No matter whether this is simple letterheads or television advertising, branding creates a subliminal impact on your readers and customers, and it is vital that this is reinforced on every possible occasion.

So, there we have it, three ways that you can ensure your office or shop reflects your brand. 

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