Most Difficult Drug Withdrawals

People who have never battled addiction have a hard time understanding why an addict keeps using in the face of overwhelming evidence that cessation is the only answer. The first and clearest answer comes in a quick summary of drug withdrawal, a state of body and mind that an addict enters when he attempts to quit using drugs. Many addicts themselves don’t understand what drug withdrawal is until they first decide to quit and find they can’t. The reason they often run back to drugs is that once your body and mind are addicted to a substance, a state of panic comes about when the drug is stop. The body and mind think the person needs the drug to survive and goes into overhaul to let the addict know it’s time to go get more. There are some drugs that are harder to quit than others, known as the most difficult drugs to quit. In most cases, the drugs are the ones with the most severe withdrawal symptoms.


Benzos are used to treat anxiety disorders. Xanax is one of the most commonly abused benzodiazepines and it can be extremely dangerous to withdrawal from. Seizures are one of the typical withdrawal symptoms for someone who is addicted to these types of drugs, making them not only difficult to emotionally disconnect from but also physically dangerous to withdrawal from without help. Often times to safely come off of these drugs, it’s necessary to come off of them slowly with a reduction in dose over a period of time. Recovery from benzo addiction is complicated by this fact.


Many people don’t know it but alcohol can be an extremely dangerous drug to withdrawal from. If alcohol use is suddenly stopped for someone who has been drinking for a very long period of time, it’s possible that they might also have seizures or go into delirium tremons, a condition that can be fatal if left untreated. To withdraw successfully from long-term alcohol use, people often need to go into a medical facility that can monitor their cessation and give them medications as needed to help them.


Opiates cause horrible withdrawal symptoms as well. The physical symptoms are as pronounced as the emotional symptoms which can include terrible depression and a general inability to enjoy anything in life. Because opiates provide the good feelings that opiate addicts have, when the opiates are taken away, the brain no longer naturally makes the chemicals that contribute to happiness. This leaves the addict unable to experience any joy at all without the drugs. Add that to wrenching physical symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and shivers, and opiate withdrawal is too much for many addicts to take. They rush back out to get more of the drug that keeps them happy.

Getting help

If an addict is to be saved and his life back on track, at some point he must go through drug withdrawal. It’s something that no addict wants to go through but nothing can happen until a medical detox occurs and they’re able to think remotely clearly about their situation. This process occurs slowly over time. A week or two won’t do it if an addict has been using drugs for year. The best bet an addict has for success is to enter a medical detox and withdrawal physically from drugs and then he or she can begin to cope with the emotional and spiritual devastation of addiction. While withdrawal is never a pleasant process, it can be a healing one for addicts to see just what kind of symptoms drugs cause. So often addicts overlook the fact that it is the drug that caused the withdrawal in the first place and if they can abstain from the drug successfully, the withdrawal will go away and they can begin the healing process in earnest.

Anyone who is interested in drug treatment will find an abundant amount of resources in today’s world. They can turn to inpatient treatment centers for more severe cases or outpatient facilities that feature group meetings and individual counseling. For addicts hooked on the most addictive drugs, medical detox is almost always the first step. Only by living through the horrible first week or two with the loving support of professionals can these addicts rid themselves of the poison of drugs. Once free of that physical and emotional hell, they can benefit from extensive counseling services and loving guidance.

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