Digitize and Maximize Your Employees’ Ideas

The fact that so many companies do not ensure ideas, suggestions, and thoughts are shared with the entire company is reflective as a structural problem. Considering enterprise innovation management software services are now readily available, there really is no excuse for it anymore. The process of idea and innovation management has a huge added value. It makes the decision-making process very clear, and a lot easier as well. Any potential ideas can be properly reviewed, and arguments for and against can be gathered from just about everywhere. The evaluation and ideation process itself can be participated in by a huge amount of knowledge and skills. Put together, this means better outcomes as well.

Yet, we have to be realistic about the struggle at the front end. But this can be fixed! It is vital that the right decisions are made, and that they are made as quickly as possible. Yes, this means work has to be done, but when it is done together, it is quick, easy, and efficient. The role of enterprise innovation management software in this is that it takes brainstorming sessions and suggestion boxes into the modern era. It becomes about inclusion, ideation, knowledge-sharing, communication, and customer feedback. These are all hugely relevant elements.

Digitize Everything!

Idea management software digitizes your suggestion box, but it also makes it much clearer. It automatically becomes apparent what you are looking for, and how. And this means innovation can be implemented at the front end as well. By being digital, you have an immediate and automatic structure in place in an area where immediate and automated work is notoriously lacking. Plus, you ensure that only very few resources (time and money) are spent in areas where, traditionally, the most money and time is spent.

When you use modern tools, which are digital, you can use the fact that your team already understands standardized feedback formats and user engagement. What you do, however, is turn those standardized forms from looking at the customer, to looking at them. The platform has to be open and transparent, so that everybody in the organization can be engaged in the things that matter. There is nothing as valuable as sharing knowledge, but knowledge will not get shared in areas that aren’t transparent. You must bring the collective knowledge together, in other words, to really implement innovation.

The minute you ask for help, and that you show everybody in your organization is involved in the different challenges, shows that you include them and that you trust them. This improves the overall working environment, and this creates improve results. By installing a digital solution, the feedback loop becomes seamless, and people can understand every step of the process. Acknowledging contributions and showing that you care matters on various levels, but perhaps mostly so on employee engagement and retention, and on talent acquisition.

Get rid of that suggestion box and utilize the digital era, and see how your organization will improve overall.

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