Do’s and Don’ts when Quitting to Smoke Cigarettes

If you really want to stop smoking for good, and you want to get it done the right way, some dos and don’ts will definitely help you out. These various rules must be followed completely so that you will be able to completely lessen the habit in just a shorter time.

These various dos and don’ts were all based on most smokers’ experiences as they decided to finally quit. Surely, these tips will be perfect for helping you quit the habit for life. Here are the following things that you must have or do as you quit smoking:

  • Get an Active Lifestyle – Getting an active lifestyle will make you avoid most of the unhealthy options that you once had. Change your diet to a more energy-efficient one, go to the gym or have a sport to play. It greatly helps in getting rid of your smoking habits and removes nicotine off your system.

  • Always Think that you Quit – Do think about quitting all the time. Going “cold turkey” is one of the best things that you can consider in order to get rid of the habit, and you just need to be strong to do it. No further scientific explanations, just pure mindset can do and can solely help you with quitting for good.

  • Remove Smoking Needs – Simply remove the lighters and ash trays in your house. If you happen to have packs of cigarettes in your cabinet or pockets, throw them away immediately. It doesn’t matter how much it costs. You need to put your mind to your goal rigidly.

  • Use Candy – This is an old trick in the book. Candy can help you get rid of that sucking habit when smoking, and can eventually help you quit in the long run, too. If you feel like smoking, just pop one piece of hard candy or chew a gum to get rid of the cravings.

  • Do Less-Stressful Stuff – when the addiction kicks in again, all you need to do is to find something that’s less-stressful. You can consider cooking, taking care of a child, cleaning up the house, anything that can make you more productive. Divert your attention to avoid thinking about your cravings.

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There are also some things that you need to avoid when quitting. Here are the most notable among those don’ts:

  • Second Hand Smoking – It’s not just unhealthier than smoking but also gets you back into the habit right away. If you’re starting to quit, you will notice that the scent of second-hand smoke is enough to make you crave for it again– even if you stopped for a few days already. Avoiding this will be the perfect option. So, let your family members and friends who smoke know that you’re in the verge of quitting the vice, and you need their support by discouraging them to smoke right next to you.

  • E-Cigarettes – it might be an advisable thing when quitting at some point, but if you really focus on avoiding the complete decision of smoking, then this is not recommended for you. E-cigarettes still have the chance of making you crave for tobacco once you’re done with it – which is proven by some smokers who tried vaping.

  • Stressing Your Self Out – Lastly, never stress yourself out when quitting. If you happen to have a hard time avoiding one stick in a day, then just give yourself a treat. Just be sure to lessen it over time, and surely you will make it – no matter what your pace may be.

Always remember that all you need to do is to commit towards quitting before you follow these various dos and don’ts. Smoking is known to be dangerous and addicting, and if you want to make a change despite of the growing number of smokers, start acting now!

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