Dress Well For Your Shape

No matter whether we are male or female, it is a fact that when you choose the right kind of clothes for your particular body shape, not only do you look better but you also feel better too! Below are some suggestions for choosing clothes that will flatter your body shape and make you feel fabulous.


There are four main body shapes for women, hour glass, pear, apple, and straight and slender. Most women will find that they fit into one of these categories however this doesn’t mean that you won’t find different shapes and sizes mixed in there too! By dressing for your body shape, you’ll be able to enhance your assets whilst flattering the rest of your body. Here are some suggestions to get you looking your best.

Hour Glass 

If you are lucky enough to have a curvy and well balanced shape, then you should choose clothes that are designed to accentuate those curves. Well fitted dresses and tops and tailored trousers will look great on you. The present trend towards pencil skirts and figure hugging dresses are ideal for women with an hour glass figure.

Pear Shaped 

A large number of women, particularly in the UK, are pear shaped, i.e. their hips are bigger than their bust. When you have this type of shape you can disguise bigger hips and emphasise a shapely bust and waist by wearing a full skirt with a tailored top. Dresses that hug your figure to the waist and then flare out are absolutely great for creating a more balanced look.

Apple Shaped 

If you have a more rounded body, particularly around your hips and tummy, then clothes designed for women with an apple shape are best. Try the current cigar shaped trousers because they taper in gradually and take the eye away from your tummy, wear with a long top.

Slender and Straight

 If you have a slender, rather straight body then skinny jeans and oversized tops will look great on you. If you are very tall then separates will take the emphasis away from your height. Pencil skirts and boxy jackets look good on slender, straight forms.


In recent years, younger men in particular have become far more clothes conscious; this means that they too, should dress to suit their body shape. There has long been an assumption that men’s body shapes are much the same, but this is not the case. An increasing number of men now find it hard to get clothes that look good when they shop on the high street.

Large Men 

If you are bulky either due to muscle building or because you are overweight there are certain clothes that it’s best for you to avoid. Anything with horizontal stripes will just add to the impression that you are a big bloke. Jackets with double vents are also a no-no because they make your waist area look bigger. Choose trousers and shirts that are either plain or have a vertical stripe to elongate your body.

Tall and Slim 

If you are tall and slim you don’t necessarily have greater choice because above a certain height you may find it difficult to get clothes that fit properly. Don’t wear vertical stripes as this will just make you look even taller. A plain shirt and trousers or a shirt with a pattern and plain trousers will break things up so that you don’t look too tall.

Fitted shirts look much better on a slim frame. Look for a shirt that fits you properly. Slim cut shirts are the way to go, bulky shirts and tee shirts will just look wrong with your body shape.

Written by the style team at Patra. Check our Patra’s range of amazing silk blouses.

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