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Trading pins are great way to represent love and solidarity for a team. Pins are small and collectible pieces of cloisonné that are given to team members to mark the end of a successful season. Pins are used to acknowledge the contribution of each team member for the sport. Team mates trade pins with each other and members of the other teams after the end of the game.

Most tournaments organize a pin trading ceremony in which teams get together to exchange pins with other teams. This event has become one of the highlights of every game these days.

Pin trading have become so popular these days that even fans, siblings and relatives of the team members have started collecting pins of their favorite teams. In a way, pin trading has become a hobby for many. Such people love to collect pins or trade with the other supporters of different teams.

Designing your own pin is simple as long as you have creativity and desire. If you plan to design a trading pin, the following blog post can be useful.

When designing a pin, one needs to take 4 things into consideration. They are the Layout, Design, Size and Choice.

Every product needs to have a layout, before creative process begins, right? The same goes for trading pins. Artwork is one of the important aspects in trading pins. If you have a great design you can stand up against those who have more pins or have used better options.

Providing correct information about the sport such as the logo, location and team name is vital while designing pins. Many well designed pins are overlooked or not even appreciated, because of the intricate design they have. A minimalist design is the best way to make your pin design appear more clear and clean.


Once, you decide on the design of your trading pin, choose colors carefully to match the team’s representation of the color. A common and simple rule is to choose a pin shade resembling the color of the team’s uniform.

The trickiest part in choosing color of trading pins is often the finished look is different from what you have decided. If the team color is light choose dyed- black metal background to make the details of the pin clear and colorful. Alternately, if the color is in dark shades, gold or silver pins will help the details from not fading into oblivion.


If you are using numbers in the pins, the pins will be smaller in size. In case of team’s name, logo and location you will require a large one. More information in the pins will require more work over the pins.
The easiest way to decide the size of trading pin is to create a circle in your computer screen taking the same diameter of the pin you wish to make. You can input the type of details and colors you want in the pin. Decide on the shape you want your trading pin to be. You can make the pin look like a softball or baseball. Baseball shaped pins were much in demand earlier. Nowadays, customized softball pins are in vogue. Most pin collectors prefer to have custom softball pins in their collection.

If the details are not viewed properly on your computer monitor, chances are there the metal pin actually will not be able to contain the same information.


When designing a trading pin, you get a plethora of options in the form of blinkers, slider, dangler, spinner bobble heads and many other types of trading pins. An important part in designing a trading pin is the budget. A blinker trading pin will require a battery to constantly blink. For economical reasons, you can choose glitter pins. These pins twinkle and give new dimension to the person wearing them. Glitter trading pins are an inexpensive way to stand out in the crowd.

The above-mentioned four points are the framework for successfully designing a trading pin. You can submit your ideas to Trading Pins Direct and they will create your custom artwork free of charge with unlimited revisions. There are many companies where you can place your order and get them in time. However, it is always better to place your orders in advance to avoid backlogging and unhappy players.

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