Five Ways to Break Your Bad Habits

Most people have at least a few bad habits that reduce their productivity and, ultimately, their satisfaction and happiness. Getting rid of these habits can be extremely challenging, however. Below is a look at five strategies that will ease the process of removing these habits from your life.


5. Work on Bad Habits One at a Time


Trying to eliminate a host of bad habits at the same time could become overwhelming and cause you to give up trying to change anything. Instead, focus on one at a time. Make a list of bad habits and prioritize them by their negative impact on your life. Once you know which is most important to eliminate, decide on a strategy and get started. Be sure to track your progress along the way.


4. Don’t Look Back


A bad habit might have caused serious problems in the past, but don’t worry about that now. Focusing on guilt won’t make quitting any easier. Keep things in the present and focus on solutions that help you change your behavior. To get ideas about how to quit, take the role of a non-judgmental outside observer who is focused on good advice rather than attacks.


3. Tell Others About Your Plans to Quit


Telling others about your efforts will make you feel accountable, increasing your motivation in the present and maintaining it in the long run. If you’re worried about being asked about your plan later, you’ll be more likely to make a sincere effort so you can relay the news of your success rather than failure. You can increase your chances of success by enlisting appropriate outside help. For example, you could inquire about programs at Utah rehab centers if they align with your goals.


2. Remember Your Reasons for Quitting


It’s easy to get started quitting, but following through will require a plan for remembering your reasons and why they’re important. If you try to quit without having good reasons for succeeding, you will be less likely to stick with it over time. Consider making a list of reasons, either on paper or the computer, that detail your reasons for quitting.


1. Make Quitting Enjoyable with Rewards


To make sure you focus on your goals over time, get in the habit of rewarding yourself when you succeed. Don’t wait until you’re totally done, either. Plan for small rewards along the way depending on how you evaluate your progress. Rewards could be anything from spending time enjoying a hobby to getting a new video game or anything small yet out of the ordinary.

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