How to Have Fun While Safely Driving Through New York

New York is arguably the worst state to drive in, but that shouldn’t make your driving experience as a local or tourist any less pleasant. Do not let the New York horror stories get you down! There are a couple of tips and strategies one can use to better their drive throughout the Big Apple. Keep these in mind before you jump into your car:

5. Stay Out of Manhattan

Studies show that the worst traffic and congestion in New York State takes place in Manhattan. The city is known for its terrible parking problems as well as slow-moving, horn-tooting traffic. The best thing to do, is to stay away from the area south of 125th Street. Park before you reach this street. If you are traveling from out of town, make plans in neighborhoods such as Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. You will have a much easier time navigating behind the wheel in these cities.

4. Keep Your Radio Tuned Into Your Favorite Station

One item that everyone must have while driving in New York, is a working radio or CD player. Or, for the younger generations,a blue tooth and an encouraging, upbeat playlist. You will need some form of vibration that can drown out the sound of those yelling from their cars, streets, buildings and other city noise. Most importantly, your playlist will keep you in a good mood. Many drivers get into accidents because of their poor attitude and negative behaviors while driving. Keeping your mind in a state of happiness will deter you from stepping violently on the gas petal or making a sharp turn into a pushy cab driver who cannot keep his mouth from making unsociable slurs.

3. Count the Sesame Street Characters

You may notice more than a few of interesting individuals who walk the streets of New York. To help pass the time, and to help you un-focus on the traffic situation, try counting how many people you see dressed up as Sesame Street Characters. Elmo and Big Bird seem to be NY street favorites, but you can also look for, and count how many civilians you see dressed up as super heroes and cartoon characters. Pretend you are gambling with the person sitting in your passenger seat. Winner takes all.

2. Milkshakes

It may be against the law to drink and drive after consuming alcohol, but it is absolutely 100% legal to drink a milkshake while driving behind the wheel!The tasty treat will keep your thoughts positive and can also help you keep calm and less anxious… if you include a touch of whey protein in the shake! This tiny bit of flavorless strength can assist you for miles when coping with horrible traffic conditions. You can stay happy, and full with this delicious beverage sitting in your cup holder. Try it!

1. Check Your Insurance Card

It may seem unimportant, but making sure you are carrying your auto insurance card in your wallet, purse or back pocket will make you feel super relaxed when you head out onto those packed streets! Being confident that you will have your proof of insurance on hand in case of an emergency or accident or being pulled over for some inane reason, will actually help you drive more assuredly with a bounce in your step… or with a beat to your acceleration. A defensive driving course lift your spirits higher when you receive a 3-year discount on your insurance! Check that out before you head out the door next!

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