Gaining your independence – how to break free from Mum and Dad

You’re in your final year of school and ready to move away to University or go travelling once you are finished. Whilst you respect and love your Mum and Dad, now is a good time to break away from their routines and gain some independence, remember though that they do know what they are talking about, so if they give you any advice about your decisions always take it into consideration.

Whether you are planning to move away from home or do something to make your Mum panic day and night like buying a moped or motorbike, it’s time to move away from the home comforts and embrace adulthood.

If you’re serious about buying that two wheeled speed machine you need to invest in something safe and reliable, that moped on eBay might look like a bargain, but it’s cheap for a reason. Go to a reputable dealer, such as Metropolis Motorcycles, to ensure your bike is road worthy.

To pay for this bike though, you need to get a job. We know. Life’s hard. But it’s another chance for you to become independent. You don’t want to rely on a handout from Mum and Dad, the whole idea is to grow your confidence and do something new for yourself.

Look for something on a part time basis, that won’t impact on your studying for your final year. An eight-hour shift at a retail shop on a Saturday or a few hours at a local restaurant should help you become a little more financially independent.

This might also be a good time to set up your own debit account and get hold of a Chip & Pin card. Just be careful with your new found freedom when it comes to easily spending money, that little plastic card is terribly easy to hand over and not keep track of how much you have left in your account.

Remember though, if you’ve just bought a moped, with your first couple of month’s wages, then you must have a provisional licence and a compulsory basic training certificate to be able to ride on the road, with a learner plate. Then you must take and pass your theory and practical motorcycle test in two years, once these are passed though you can buy a bike with a bigger engine!

Your first holiday away with friends is another good way to gain a little independence and experience being responsible for yourself – which involves booking your holiday, getting to the airport, making sure you have all the correct documentation, packing everything you need, taking spending money etc. It’s a lot to overcome.

You might have to ask your parents for a lift to and from the airport and pay for petrol but the experience of going away with friends and having fun with no boundaries is a fulfilling one. Just don’t go too wild, you’re in a new and foreign country so it is a good idea to respect their culture whilst having a good time. Oh and don’t forget the sun cream.

It’s important at this time that you also start to make your own decisions, don’t go against everything your parents ever taught you and take up smoking and heavy drinking but if you don’t want to do something, such as going to University, then make it clear why, that you have done your research and are sure that your decision is the right one.

Your parents might believe that going to University for extra qualifications is the best idea, there are plenty of pros and cons, but if your heart is set on taking on an apprenticeship or practical college course, don’t let their ideals sway you. And if you choose not to go straight after school there is still plenty of time in the future, Universities don’t discriminate against age.

With these things in mind, it should be easier to gain a little independence and break away from Mum and Dad’s rules. Don’t be drastic with your decision-making, respect their wishes but be firm if you know what you want to do, if it doesn’t agree with their ideals. It’s your life now go live it!


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