Hipster Office Design 101

Hipsters seem to get a lot of stick these days. Everything they do, from Instagramming everything they see to wearing clothes that once belonged to their grandparents, is mocked. In fact the word ‘hipster’ is increasingly being used as an insult as opposed to a compliment. However, what is really strange about this situation is that whilst hipsters may be the butt of hundreds of jokes, ‘hipster’ style is the ‘in’ thing at the moment in interior design.

Over the past couple of years the hipster trend has really taken off and we are seeing ‘hipster’ themed features in a lot of places. We cannot tell you how long this trend will be in fashion; but this article will tell you how to create an awesome hipster office space.

Buy A Typewriter

You never have to type a single word on it, in fact it doesn’t even have to work, but having a typewriter in your office is a must have if you want to go hipster. See if any of your family members have one knocking about at first, but don’t worry if not as you can always head to a car boot sale or antiques shop and pick one up for pretty cheap. If you want to go the extra mile then buy a coloured typewriter of colour it yourself!

Have At least One Out Of Place Item

Every hipster room contains at least one odd item that doesn’t fit in and sticks out like a sore thumb. This goes against traditional interior design where making everything work together is the aim. It doesn’t matter what the item is – it could be a table, set of curtains or a light, as long as it doesn’t match anything else in the room you are fine.

Custom Made Artwork

Custom made artwork is hipster as it guarantees that no one else will have the same artwork as you in your office. What type of artwork you go for is down to personal preference. But some decent suggestions include; framing old magazine covers, writing a famous quote on the wall, polaroid pictures, general black and white pictures (taken yourself), anything moustache related and vinyls or vinyl covers stuck to the wall.

A Funky Chair

If you are designing a hipster office space you can’t just go for a standard office chair. Instead you need something that is retro and considered to be ‘edgy’. Some fantastic ideas are an old dentist chair, barbers chair or a stool from an old American diner. You will often find items like this in discount modern furniture stores as not too many people will be after them.

A Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a must for a hipster office. The older and more dated it looks the better it is. Always ensure that the bookshelf is packed with classic and influential novels. It’s also a good idea to have some related to whatever work it is you do in your office. Hopefully being surrounded by books will help create a motivational and inspirational office space, which is always a good thing.

Paint The Walls Using Bright Colours

Every office should have bright coloured walls. This is because it makes the office space a little more interesting instead of dull. But, if you’re aiming for a hipster styled office then going really bright is what you want. Try painting each wall a different colour or having one feature wall that really stands out. This is also a good design feature as if you ever want to change the design of your office, the walls will be adaptable.

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