How Quality Printing can Enhance your Marketing

When setting up business cash is tight so you may be tempted to scrimp on certain areas of your promotion. Printing is one of the main area’s that gets the corners cut to save money, however the appearance of your advertising or promotional material really does affect consumers opinions of you as well as whether ultimately they will pay for your product or service. It really is worth spending the extra, or at least considering the options between glossy or matt business cards as well as double sided or multi folding leaflets.


Although this is often overlooked in favour of ‘flashier’ forms of marketing the leaflet very much still has a purpose in contemporary promotion. If in keeping with your branding these can be very effective, especially in a conference or event situation so you are memorable and people can take away more information than a business card may hold.

Business Cards

These may go through trends as does other kinds of marketing however, a recent progression in this area is to make your cards as unique and representational of you and your business. You can find with your marketing campaigns that printing plastic cards for less has more than just financial benefits, you can still get high quality business cards produced without breaking the bank.


As a large scale advertising tool vinyl banners are one of the best ways to get your message out there. Use a high-resolution image to get the attention of passers by in addition to the five-year rated eco-solvent ink makes these things indestructible. The glossy finish, which is also often UV protected, looks great wherever its suspended or hung and is also proven to appeal to consumers.


Distinctive shaped stickers are a great way to create brand awareness as well as encourage people to return as a form of ‘thank you’ for supporting your business. These are available in a ‘food safe’ option incase your business needs labeling that adheres to food regulations.  Reach your customers in a fun and unique way.


A great way to keep your brand ambassadors in the loop with topical news as well as what is going on for your business. People love having something to read and feeling as though they are part of a club so sending out a newsletter, or even having one available in your office or store


These can be any size and of any length, so just because you think they may not be suitable for your business have a chat with a printer or designer to see what kind of content you could use a brochure for. They are a great visual aid for selling so pick the brains of the professionals.

So, as you can gauge from this article, print quality is intrinsic to many promotional and marketing items so is not an area to scrimp on. Speak to your local printers about their methods and the best options for you and your business to see if you can save some money by putting together a package of printed items that will be of value.

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