Immigration law in the USA – At a Glance

Alien has been defined by the Nationality and Immigration Act 1952 (INA) as ‘one who is not the national or citizen of the U.S.A’. In addition to this, the law furthers to oversee each and every procedures of the alien’s entry to the country, gaining residence and finally the person becoming the neutralized citizen. The matters of aliens’ obtaining the full citizenships do also come under the purview of INA. A regulatory body is also there to look after the immigration related entry, period of stay and the immigrants’ evictions or the overall immigration law USA.

What is immigration law in the USA?

U.S.A. Federal Government looks after the legalities and implementations of immigration law. The law scrutinizes all the alien related legal rights, their duties and also their obligations. The USA’s federal immigration law is contained in the Title 8 of the U.S. Immigration Law’s code. The 28 U.S.C. defines the jurisdictions enjoyed by the individual states. The US Congress has the full authoritative power of overseeing immigration law USA. US courts normally do not come into the pictures of immigration matters, until there is any violation of constitutional rights, nor does the President have the open hand in the refugee policy.

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Different agencies share enforcement of the immigration law USA. Departments like U.S. Border and Custom Enforcement, U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services and Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) are the agencies controlled by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that was formed by replacing INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) in the year 2003. The responsibilities of INS such as asylum, investigation responsibilities, permanent residence functions, neutralizations and border patrolling duties are presently bestowed to the newly formed DHS.

How to engage your immigration lawyer in USA?

Since the immigration law USA is very strict, you must be careful about engaging an immigration lawyer. It is no doubt that the two cases are never the same. So, you cannot be swayed away by the impression or the case of some others. The best immigration lawyer may have the experience of dealing with different cases like yours, but your may be the unique one. Follow the guidelines as below:

– It is better to judge the immigration lawyer by his / her personality, experience and ideal manners.
– Your lawyer must be a member of AILA (American Immigration Lawyer association)
– Take the help of websites to make sure that, whom you are likely to select is really a registered practitioner
– It is always better if you can make a list of lawyers and select the best one after through scrutiny, specially matching with your case
– The lawyer must be specifically competent to handle the case
– You may also scrutinize the traits you need in your lawyer
– You must be sure about the other overhead expenses like mailing, postage charges, long distance related expenses
– Of course, finally before zeroing in your decision, you must be sure of your lawyer’s competences.

Be prudent; keep your eyes and wisdom assisting you in every respect of your dealing with the immigration law USA.

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