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When it comes to health and fitness, we’ve got a skin in the game. (Get it? Skin? Body? Health?) After all, it’s a literal matter of death. Poor health leads to a shorter life and a lower quality of life, so we’ve got plenty of reason to stay on top of our health and fitness. However, it’s easier said than done. We don’t always have time to cook healthy meals and exercise. However, we’re going ot have to take our health and fitness into our own hands in order to lead the healthier, happier life we deserve. There are many hurdles on the path to fitness. (Get it? Hurdles? Fitness?) But, don’t sweat it. All it takes is a little bit of hard work and some know how. Here are a few tips to help you improve your health today.

First and foremost, you need to cook your own meals using fresh ingredients. Processed foods like fast food and junk food have become ubiquitous because of their affordability and convenience, but they are so cheap and convenient because of some unhealthy fillers such as sodium and sugar that also make them more addictive. Therefore, you need to make time to cook. If you don’t know how to cook, which is an increasingly common problem with my generation, there are services like HelloFresh that can provide you with three meals worth of ingredients and easy to follow recipes to help people who aren’t familiar with cooking how to cook or simply allowing seasoned chefs (Get it? Seasoned? Chef?) to learn new recipes every week.

Then, there’s the ever dreaded matter of exercise. First of all, you’re going to need a workout routine that works for you and your specific needs, and you’ll need to stick with it. People tend to get frustrated when they struggle with a workout, but you just have to remember that the struggle is the entire point. If it was easy, it would be a waste of time, so learn to enjoy the struggle knowing that each failure is an improvement.If you lack the proper discipline required to stick with your workout or simply need help finding the workout routine for you, gyms are a great place to work out, because trainers are on hand to give you advice on what to do and the encouragement to do it.

With these tips in mind, you’ve got a sturdy foundation on which to build the body you want and deserve. It really is a “mind over matter” situation. You just need to keep telling yourself what you stand to gain and to stick with it, because your body will want to quit. Once you’ve accomplished that, you’re on easy street.

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