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Whether you have your own cubicle or a desk, you can still decorate your office space to increase your functionality and add some personal touch to the environment around you. You can place your favorite pictures at your desk for extra inspiration and encouragement. You don’t need to renovate the office, completely; you can just add some delicate design touches here and there.

  • 1.     Know your environment

First of all, your office décor should not contradict the general office policy at your work place. Know the limits of your freedom. If you work in a casual environment, most likely you will be allowed to do whatever you want. If you work in a strict suit policy environment, choose wisely your décor options. Any graphic designer will have total freedom at work, unlike a bank clerk, who has to follow the company’s policy. Nonetheless, you can still find professional décor solutions that would not distract others.

  • 2.     Functionality

File organizers, memo books, calendars or planners can be the same color as the poster on your wall. A flower pot might be a good idea if you have enough space in your office. Functionality should go first, esthetics second. If you have almost no space on your desk, don’t overload it with picture frames and stylish design items. You have to think in a practical way.

  • 3.     Decorate the wall

You can decorate your cubicle wall with your favorite art replicas or any inspiring posters.  Bring any posters you like from abroad and hang them on the wall at work. This way you will keep good memories with you and stay positive no matter what. It would help you to make you feel more comfortable at work.

General tips:

  • A flower or a plant would add some charm to your office environment;
  • A shelf with career-related books is a great idea for a person who works with clients. It would make you look more professional;
  • First impressions matter. You need to define how your office represents your company. Your office space should be clean and welcoming. Avoid any bright, tacky colors as they would make you look unprofessional;
  • If you work in a bank you should choose some neutral colors to decorate the walls. You should also include your company’s logo in the interior design;
  • Your office should also be well lit. Natural sunlight combined with a proper lamp would put less pressure on your eyes.

Your office space is a reflection of your personality and character. You spend at least eight hours at work every day, that’s why you need to make it feel like home. All you need to do is to find a right balance between the professional environment and comfort. Making your job enjoyable is important as it directly affects your productivity and performance. Your office should become a representation of your profession. A creative person would feel more comfortable in a disorganized environment with different art pieces, while a school teacher’s office should be welcoming and well-organized.

Guest post by contributing author Linda Michelle. For more ideas on decoration and creating an inspired space, be sure to check out World Market area rugs.  

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