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When it comes to buying a present for a girl, you know you can’t go wrong with jewellery, whatever their taste there will be something out there to suit everyone. You can get wacky Nicki Minaj style necklaces that instantly make a statement or smaller Cameron Diaz styles that look simple and effortless. The beautiful thing about jewellery is that you can keep it forever, when you wear it, it reminds you of the person who bought it. I know that I have a silver bracelet that I received for my 18th birthday and I never go a day without wearing it, it reminds me of my godmother! From a girls perspective you can never have enough jewellery and the fact that there are so many products out there just makes the buying process even easier because you can pick something within your budget whether you plan on spending £5 or £5,000. Here are a look at the top 3 jewellery types for gifts:

1. Charm Bracelet


These are great because the owner can add to them and make them as full as they like. Each charm can be symbolic of a certain time or person which makes them a really special piece to have.

2. Birth stone necklace 


This is great because it is so personal and they come in all types of jewellery whether your looking for a bangle, a necklace, a ring etc. Have a look online to find out their birth stone and check out online stores to find the perfect gift.

3. Name Necklace

Ellie Goulding name necklace

Another very personal present, and one that is sure to go down a street with any birthday girl. We have seen the likes of Ellie Goulding sporting name necklaces and they look great for casual and evening wear.

This post was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of, online jewellery store.

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