How to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

Many of us worry about home security. There are many things that we can be doing in order to make our homes as secure as possible. Most of these are common sense, and many do not cost the earth. It is worth putting some time and effort into making sure that everything is as safe as it could be just for the peace of mind that it affords us. Here are some hints and tips to help you along the way.

Check Your Doors and Windows:

These are the obvious access points for would-be burglars. It is therefore vital that all of your doors and windows are well maintained and have the right locking mechanisms. It is worth checking that there are no weak points in your doors or windows. If you find that they have been badly maintained and need replacing or that they are just not as secure as you would like them to be – speak to a professional about your replacement options. There are many places that can provide help and advice on doors in Truro, and windows as well should you need them. Knowing that all of your doors and windows are secure is priceless.

Make It Hard for Burglars:

Would-be burglars will always go for the easy target. The harder that you make it for them to access your property the less likely they will be interested in your property. Think about your outside lighting. Is it adequate? If a burglar has to traverse a well lit and clear path then they will think twice. Adding gravel to your drive is also an excellent deterrent as it is impossible to walk quietly up a gravelled drive or path. You might also want to consider installing an alarm system. There are many different systems available at varying costs so it is worth doing the research in case it saves you upset and money in the future. If you do not want to pay for a full alarm system – think about installing a fake alarm box on the outside of your property.

Be Careful Who You Tell Your Plans:

Burglars will try to obtain useful information by any means possible and take advantage of it. If you are leaving your property unattended for any period of time it is wise to be careful who you share that information with. Sitting in the local hairdressers or pub telling all and sundry that you will be away may not be the best plan. If you are going away, take extra precautions. Tell the neighbours as they are more likely to keep an eye out for strange activity. Getting someone to go and open and shut your curtains at relevant times, and installing automatic light switches can give the impression someone is home.

If you use your common sense when it comes to security you will find that you feel more comfortable in your home. It is not worth leaving these things to chance. Think about what needs to be done and put it into action.

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