Keeping the kids active during the winter months

During the summer, many kids go out to play and are often seen riding their bikes, kicking a ball or swinging on the swings. Come winter, however, the dark nights and cold temperatures force children indoors causing them to become far more sluggish – so how can you keep them active during the cold spell? Well, there’s a number of things you can do so check out these useful tips:

Head for the sun

Why wait for the rain, wind and snow when you can head for the sun? There are plenty of hot, balmy countries to explore all year round and with luxury family holidays at offering everything from child-friendly accommodation to top-quality resorts you won’t be short of choice. Moreover, many hotels offer regular kids clubs and activities, so you can put your feet up while they swim, play games, splash in the sea, build sand castles and much more.

Go on day trips

Avoid cabin fever this year by heading on a few day trips. Educational outings and fun afternoons will keep the kids entertained and ensure they can stretch their legs during the nippy months. The UK is packed with historic castles, ancient ruins, beautiful palaces, enchanting woods, wonderful walkways, cycle routes and treks so wrap up warm and get exploring. Pack your wellies just in case and don’t be afraid of a bit of wet weather. If it’s too cold, then check out some of the best indoor water parks or head to a museum or aquarium.

Encourage exercise

For kids to stay fit and healthy all year round they need to exercise. When the weather’s cold it’s all too tempting to sit in front of the TV but it’s essential to get them moving. There are plenty of sports clubs dotted around the country and with many primary and secondary schools offering a wealth of extra curricular activities there should be some sort of club they can join for free. Group activities are a great way to motivate children and could even help them make friends and build their self-esteem.

Change your daily routine

Do you always drive your children to school? If so, it might be worth leaving the car keys at home and walking instead. If you live too far away or this simply isn’t possible, cycling, roller blading or any other method that doesn’t involve a motorised vehicle could also work. Alternatively, if you need to catch the bus, leave a bit of extra time and get off a stop early. Your kids might wonder what’s going on but that’ll be your chance to explain how exercise is an important part of the day.

Daily movement can significantly impact a child’s mental and physical wellbeing for the better. Exercise allows them to let off steam and burn up energy which should encourage better concentration at school and more settled sleep patterns, so it’s well worth keeping them active.


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