Laminated bags with your logo emblazoned on the side – great advertising

Advertise your business with a powerful medium which has been around for many decades – the paper shopping bag. Long before those hideous plastic bags made their unseemly entry into the world, paper and cardboard bags held sway in high streets up and down the land. After a bumpy ride over the past three to four decades, increasing numbers of businesses are now issuing paper instead of plastic bags to their customers.


A picture paints a thousand words

Take a look at the images of these bags above; pretty as a picture and far more inviting than plastic. Plastic bags are throwaway environmental choking agents. They are responsible for the death of thousands of wild animals annually and are blight on the countryside. Take a look down any high street or look into hedge rows and ditches in the countryside and you’ll see just what a menace they really are. Plastic bags take many years to degrade and are far from being as pretty as a picture.

On the other hand, how many paper bags do you see on your travels blowing around in the wind or trapping wild animals? Few if any is the answer. Maybe it’s because they are seen by the recipient as having a tangible value rather than being a throwaway item with no value. Certainly, bags made of paper long predate plastic bags and as pressure is growing on retailers; it is likely that the death knell of the plastic bag has already been sounded.

A plague on our land

Plastic bags have become more like a plague on our land and around the world. Some of the plastic bags which have been used will take many hundreds of years to biodegrade naturally. In the meantime they get torn and shredded and the small pieces end up goodness knows where. It is true to say they are blight on the land and a danger to wildlife; a problem which doesn’t arise with paper bag items.

A tax on your bags

To many people in the UK; the European Union isn’t flavour of the month. Although it has to be said, it has enacted some useful laws with regard to the environment. If the proposed tax on plastic carrier bags becomes fact, expect to see stores drop them like hot potatoes and revert to more eco friendly cardboard and paper alternatives.

An excellent advertising medium

As an advertising medium there perhaps isn’t anything to match a paper bag. Every customer who walks out of your store carries a small advertising banner. Not an in your face advert but more subtle, more subliminal than anything else.

Bags made of paper can be custom made down to the finest detail. As a method of brand promotion there is little else to beat it, neither is there anything else quite as inexpensive. Promote your brand today in an environmentally friendly manner and announce to your customers your green credentials.

Oh yes, and add a touch of class to your brand at the same time.

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