How to Live Your Dreams Right Now!

In order to attain your dreams, you have to firmly know what it is you want. So when you ask yourself what you want, do you get a crystal clear picture of what those things are?

Some people like Gregory Lindae are fortunate; they have massive amounts of success leading to their gaining the freedom to live out their dreams. Greg had the chance to figure out the things that really mean something to him and find them. This should be everyone’s goal. Discover the things that you would sacrifice everything else for and if you had these things you would truly be happy. If you do not have a clear vision of what they are however, you need to work on a process to get you to it. Here is how you do that.

Go through a process to figure out what you really want

Start by writing down what makes you happy and what you would imagine to be your perfect life. Put in all the things needed to create this happy life and don’t hold back. Make your writing positive not from the perspective of what you don’t want, talk about what you would like to have for yourself.

Once you have all of the things you need written down read your list a few times. Now here comes the difficult part; you now need to write the list of things you will need to give up in order to have the things you need. If you want a loving and affectionate spouse you will have to sacrifice spending so much time with friends. If you want lots of money, you will have to spend a lot of time to make that money and sacrifice fun doing it, if you want to run a successful business you will have to put in the long and laborious hours to do it and gain the skills necessary to manage the business.

The point is that to understand what you really want, you need to be ready to take on all that what you want entails. Everything good will require sacrifice and putting up with difficult things along the way to get it. So, looking at something in its totality, allows you to be clear about what it really is and helps you attract it. The clearer you are about the things you want and all the issues related to getting them, the more firmly you will draw them to you and be able to manifest them in your life.

Now that you understand the process fully, are you having a difficult time figuring out what you really want? This is a common problem for many and here are some suggestions for getting to what you really want.

What you want should involve building on your current goals and aspirations

Before you thought about this question, you had an idea of what you wanted. You may not have thought it through and upon thinking it through it all of a sudden it may seem not like something you think you want exactly, but the seed of the idea that you had was a great one that came from you examining your current situation, your hope and aspirations, and thinking how it could be better. So do not fully discard what you were thinking, instead look at it more realistically approaching it from both a perspective of what you will get and give up.

Then start making modifications to it until it fits what you want and you are ready to make the sacrifices for it. This process may not be quick but it is very satisfying. So take it on and discover new thing about yourself and your true desires.

Whatever your dreams are, include an aspect of service

Nearly everyone who attains his dreams will tell you that they are that dreams are much more fantastic because they also included an aspect of serving others. This could mean opening, running, or supporting charitable organizations, doing things in disadvantaged communities, or funding education projects for those with lots of potential and no means.

The result no matter which road you choose is that you will gain a feeling of complete satisfaction and from giving to those in need. It literally completes any dream no matter what that dream may be. So include this element of giving back and in doing it, you will gain much more than you give.

Make and follow your dreams and never give up on them.

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