Lloyd Claycomb – Moving to Denver? Here’s where you should live

With an employment market that is booming, a location that is within a short driving distance of the Rockies, and affordable homes despite a recent run up in prices, Denver has become a hot destination for those seeking a dynamic place to start a life and career.

With a dramatic backdrop of hills and mountains on the western horizon, cute boutiques, and innovative eateries & pubs, there are a lot of amazing places to live in Denver if you want to have lots of amazing lifestyle options at your disposal.

Lloyd Claycomb has been involved in construction throughout Denver area for many years. From the suburbs to the core, there are numerous projects he has done in many parts of the city that you would love to call home.

In this article, we will profile neighborhoods that fits various people well; check them out, and one of them may be for you.

1) Hilltop

If money is no object to you, start your search for a place to live in Hilltop.

Located close to the centre with mansions and quaint bungalows that are lorded over by massive mature trees, the average cost of a home in this privileged part of Denver crested over a million dollars this year, representing an increase in price of almost $200,000 over this time last year.

That might sound like a lot, but it is expected to continue for some time to come, as there is a limited number of homes available for sale in Denver and there has been a steep increase in the number of new residents in recent years.

As such, is not difficult to project that further price increases are likely in the years ahead.

Hilltop also has easy access to Cranmer Park, making it a great place if you like to spend time in green spaces on your time off.

2) City Park

Want to live in a neighborhood named for one of Denver’s best recreation spaces? City Park is where you’ll want to live, as you will have the largest park in the city within walking distance of your front porch.

Even if you have to live in a situation where you don’t have a backyard, you’ll have this expansive green space to use at your leisure.

Additionally, attractions like the Denver Zoo, City Park Jazz, cultural institutions like the Bluebird Theater, cute cafes, trendy bars, and quiet book stores will all be at your fingertips should you choose to live here.

3) Congress Park

Moving to Denver with your family? Congress Park is an amazing place to call home, as there are plenty of families with children in this tree-lined neighborhood. You’ll love the schools here as well, as they consistently are rated high by parents and students alike.

However, it is far from a boring cookie-cutter suburb, as its center are home to coveted franchises like Trader Joe’s, tons of trendy boutiques, coffee shops staffed by hipster baristas, and microbreweries that put out original beers regularly.


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