How To Make Marzipan Strawberries


As the long, lazy days of summer arrive our culinary habits start to change a little. The hot, stodgy foods of winter give way to salads and lighter meals and fruit becomes a feature of many desserts. But the summer doesn’t mean an end to cake. Cake is great at any time of year and should be enjoyed whatever the weather.

To give your summer cakes a seasonal flourish, try adding some delicious chocolate-coated marzipan strawberries to it. These work well as an individual topper for cupcakes, or arranged on a larger cake. And they make a pretty tasty snack on their own. With new coloured marzipan on the market it’s now easier than ever to make marzipan strawberries.

Making Your Marzipan Strawberries

To make the strawberries you’ll need:

Red coloured marzipan
Green coloured marzipan
Boiled apricot jam

For each strawberry follow these steps:

1. Knead your red coloured marzipan until it’s nice and pliable.
2. Tear off a chunk about 1 inch across.
3. Roll the coloured marzipan into a ball.
4. Taper the end by rolling it between your hands, adding some pressure to one side.
5. Gently shape the end, remember you don’t want a sharp point, so flatten the ends slightly.
6. Place your strawberry to one side.
7. Knead your green coloured marzipan until it’s soft enough to work with.
8. Dust your work surface with icing sugar.
9. Roll out the marzipan to a depth of about 3mm.
10. Use a small flower cutter to press out the stalk.
11. Boil a tablespoon of apricot jam with a teaspoon of water stirring until it becomes a thin liquid. Pour it into a bowl and let it cool for a few seconds.
12. Take a ball tool or other blunt instrument and indent the top of the strawberry slightly.
13. Brush the top of the strawberry with the boiled jam and fix the stalk in place.
14. Repeat the process for the number of strawberries required.

Finishing Touches


Now that the coloured marzipan strawberries have been assembled it’s time to give them a couple of little touches to make them really special.

Firstly take a small wire brush and gently stipple the surface of each strawberry to give it a natural texture. Don’t go overboard or the marzipan will begin to look fuzzy instead of gently pitted.

To make your marzipan strawberries extra tasty dip them in some melted chocolate. Break your chocolate into chunks and place them in a glass bowl. Insert the bowl into a pan of water, ensuring the water doesn’t touch the glass. Bring the water to the boil and stir the chocolate until it melts into a smooth liquid.

Dip each strawberry into the melted chocolate and set them aside to harden before adding to your cake.

With coloured marzipan now available from Renshaw making marzipan strawberries, or any other decoration, has never been easier. No fussing with food colouring gels and pastes. Just open the pack and get creative.

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