Making Your Own Coffee Liqueurs

Combining coffee and alcohol to create coffee liqueurs makes a mouthwatering and delicious treat which has a variety of uses. One of the most popular retail coffee liqueurs is Kahlua, which is used in the classic White Russian drink, but you can mix your own coffee liqueurs to create the perfect taste bud treat.

There are multiple uses for your homemade coffee liqueurs and your friends and family will adore any concoction you add the mixture to. You can choose to add your liqueur to alcoholic drinks or you can top desserts or fruits with this surprisingly rich mixture. 

Making Your Own Coffee Liqueurs
It’s easy to find recipes for coffee liqueurs on the Internet and you can make your own liqueur to suit your tastes. If Kahlua and Tia Maria are too sugary for your tastes,
use your coffee maker to brew a fresh pot of coffee and pick a different liqueur that you like.

Your homemade coffee liqueur will have the smoothness you are looking for, with just the right balance to suit your taste. Flavoring your coffee liqueur with spices such as cinnamon, peppermint or hazelnut gives an additional personal touch and creates a richness and texture that friends will adore, they’re sure to bother you for the recipe for your delicious liqueur.

If you’re a coffee freak, then you’ll be sure to choose the best beans for your liqueur, or perhaps create a variety of liqueurs suitable for different occasions? There’s no need to limit the type of alcohol to one choice. Delicious coffee liqueurs can be made with rum, bourbon or vodka.

No matter which recipe you choose for your liqueur or whether you choose to invent your own custom brand of coffee liqueur, it’s likely you’ll need to give the mixture time to infuse properly, to allow the richness to develop.

One tip when you’re straining your coffee mix to create your homemade liqueur is never to force the coffee through the filter. It will pass through in a slow stream and it’s very tempting to force the mixture through but just allow it to take its own time and discard all the solids and waste afterwards. This way you ensure you get the best, most perfect taste to your coffee, avoiding any bitterness.

When to Use Your Coffee Liqueurs
The most popular use for coffee liqueur is in a White Russian, a mix of coffee liqueur, vodka and cream. A Black Russian just omits the cream from the recipe. You’ll be able to think of countless ways to use your liqueur though, once you’ve developed your own individual recipe. It’s a great topping for desserts or ice cream and has become a standard ingredient for Hawaiian tiki concoctions, whether it’s incorporated into long and fruity cocktails with coconut and lime, or even just topping a tropical fruit salad. In addition to using it as a topping, it can be used in baking as well.

Coffee liqueur is a great additive for fantastic flavored milkshakes or can simply be added to a cup of freshly brewed coffee to give added kick to your favorite brew. You can even finish off your favorite meal with a coffee liqueur shooter, the perfect ending to a fantastic meal.

Once you’ve started to make your own coffee liqueurs you’ll probably become addicted to creating the perfect liqueur or liqueurs that can be used for any purpose you imagine. Think creatively and check out different herbs and spices to make your liqueur as individual as you are.

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