How to Maximise Your E-Commerce Site’s Global Reach

It’s far from easy running a small e-commerce site.

Aside from the stuttering economy, seemingly endless red tape and dealing with occasionally unruly employees, there’s also the threat of stiff competition at home and abroad.

When you throw the commercial world’s big hitters – Amazon, eBay, Tesco – into the mix, it’s incredibly easy for the struggling SME to curl up in a depressive fit of why bother.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Once you have products online, a global market automatically opens up in front of your eyes, although there are a number of factors you must be aware of to capitalise on your worldwide reach.

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Get Your Website Up To Scratch

Gone are the days of a website being nothing more than a pixellated advert for your firm. For those of you involved in e-commerce, you’ll know how important it is for your site to come with all the bells and whistles, but without distracting your customers from the buying process.

In an effort to help your customers find you, however, it’s perhaps worth investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to push your site away from Google’s graveyard and into those heavenly positions found on page one.

Sort Out Your Deliveries

There’s literally nothing more frustrating than ordering a product online and waiting all day for it to be delivered. When it inevitably doesn’t arrive, you call the company to find a band of mongooses prevented the delivery driver making it to your front door.

It seems there’s always some exasperating excuse from a shady delivery company, which is why, when you require trustworthy worldwide parcel services, you should team up with a firm equipped to get the job done properly.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Derek Trotter, star of Only Fools and Horses, the emphatic British comedy, once said: “As the New York Stock Exchange closes, Tokyo opens,” which means your business should be in a position to answer queries from all corners of the globe, regardless of time difference.

Put simply, your customers want answers to their questions quick fast, so the longer you take to respond, the more tempted a frustrated buyer will be to hotfoot it to your competitors for any future purchases.

Now it’s over to you …

What are your top tips for maximising an e-commerce site’s global reach? Let us know by leaving a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

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