Music for children – a good way of teaching and learning

The connection of songs with children is nothing new. It is a well known fact that children sleep well when lullabies are sung to them. So, from that very small age, children have sense of music. Infact they get familiar to different tunes and songs and react to them as well. Some songs and tunes make them very happy. It has also been seen that it is easy to interact with children with the help of music and songs. This is the reason that nursery rhymes and poems that have music with them are a favorite with the kids. They enjoy these very much. Studies and surveys have also proved that music has immense positive influence on the mind of children.

If you think that music is only for the entertainment of the children, you are wrong. There are many other benefits that music for children offer. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Helps in better and faster learning – If you are able to teach your kid via music, there is nothing better than that. Suppose your kid has started going to a pre-nursery school. It is obvious that he/she will learn different nursery rhymes and poems there. If these are taught along with music and expressions, learning will become fun for the kid. The teachers will also find it interesting. You will notice that the child learns faster with music than without it.


  • Improves memory – Music plays a great role in improving the memory of a child. It is applicable to any kind of audio or visual medium. If a child learns something that has musical associations, he will be able to relate to the same quickly. He might not be able to remember the topic exactly, but if he remembers the music, the topic will definitely be remembered soon. Different parts of the brain are stimulated by music and the memory part is closely related to the same.


  • Enhancing the brain power of a child – Many child specialists and child psychologists have opined that music is directly related to the brain power of a child. It has been seen and proved in studies that a child who is exposed to good music from a young age is at an advantage over other kids. These kinds have proved to be better academically as well as socially. Emotional development of the child is also enhanced greatly with the help of good music.


  • Helps in bringing out a kid’s creativity – If you choose the right kind of music for children, you might be able to bring out the kid’s creativity. He might be a good singer, a good song writer, a good drummer and so on. Music is a great way of bringing out hidden talents in kids. Once you realize the talent, you can brush it up and your kid can be a star.

Now, you can find different kinds of children’s music online as well. While in some you need to purchase the music for hearing, in some others you can hear it online only.

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