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The idea of the conventional office went out the window eons ago. Nowadays, it’s all about personality and what YOU need most. Whether it’s a small, medium or corporate business, this article will shed some light on managed offices.

Why Are Managed Offices the Right Choice for Start-ups:

One of the many challenges that start-ups face is taking the leap from garage business to an established one. Moving to your own office space also plays a crucial role in your business productivity.

Central Location:

This allows businesses, especially the newly established ones, to rent out an office space in some of the key business locations in the city center. This also saves the tenants from wrangling with complicated procedures and leasing agreements. Having your office located in the hub of all business activity in the city is crucial to establish any brand.


Serviced offices do provide businesses with the benefit of having a physical location in or around the business centers of a city. This consequently grows the company’s portfolio and also helps in the expansion of the business, all the while providing an affordable solution for office space and business improvement.

Cost Effective:

In this period of high cost in real estate, start-ups can enjoy the services of managed offices which are much more economically viable and save them from the sky rocketing charges of the conventional office structure.

Cost Certainty:

Because of having all the services fragmented in the managed office, it offers much more cost certainty. This allows businesses to expand by giving them the freedom to divert their profits to other areas of their core business.

Some of the Features in a Managed Office:

When it comes to managing office space, one size doesn’t fit all, therefore, start-ups can have the advantage of getting a new office location with all the facilities without having to pay a burdensome price. In comparison, a managed office is slightly larger than a serviced office. These are just some of the services that are offered by companies offering managed office space.

24 Hour Security:

Apart from offering a modern work space with furnishing, managed offices also provide around-the-clock CCTV security by using a centrally integrated security system.

On-Site Service Support:

Amongst the high quality service provided by managed offices, you also get an on-site support team such as a receptionist and other support staff ready to provide and overlook in-house services.


Both the serviced and managed offices offer a full catering solution for all the employees in an office space as well as for meetings, office parties, or product launches.

Video Conferencing:

As businesses become more competitive, more and more fragmented services are being integrated in the dynamics of a managed office. One of which is having the latest network infrastructure to permit flexible workplace solutions like video conferencing etc.

Business Support:

This service allows all your calls to be answered professionally by your company name. This service also includes handling in-coming calls, email, faxes and courier mail.

High Speed Internet Connection:

Managed and serviced offices are fully wired centers that offer excellent technology services like hassle free high speed internet connections to all offices.

Kitchens & Restrooms:

Most of the modern office spaces provided by managed office companies offer an impressive kitchen and modern restroom facilities which are included in the fragmented services of the managed office.

High Spec Furniture and Fixtures:

The option of serviced or managed offices both offer flexible leasing terms, making it possible for you to choose a term period which is suitable for your business.

Some other Features of Managed Offices:

Apart from the above mentioned benefits of getting a managed office space, some other specifications of a managed office include central air-conditioning, suspended ceilings, elevators, parking space and a manned reception area.

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The author is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who runs a string of successful business ventures. He is also an expert in digging deep into different products, such as managed offices and business strategies to find solutions to tackle some of the industry’s problems. For more information you can click here.

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