Portable Toilet History and Cost

History of Porta Potties

Around the 1940’s, the shipyards began to notice that the people that worked there were taking a lot of time to go back and forth to the bathroom. A company at the time thought it would be a good idea to make a portable toilet to help to solve this problem. From then on, there were even more people that began to make portable toilets for different types of activities that took place outside.

In the beginning, porta potties were constructed from wood and metal, but the smells were nauseating. The next thing that they tried was fiberglass, which seemed to help with some with the obnoxious smells that came from the porta potty. Later on, the companies started to make these portable toilets out of plastic. They did this because the portable toilets were easier to transport and easier to get clean.

What Is a Porta Potty Is Used for?

Portable toilet rental is often used when people are going to be having an event that is taking place outside. They are most often used when there is going to be a big group of people in an outdoor space that will need a place to go to the bathroom. There are a variety of different types of portable toilets that are available for people to buy or to rent. Most models are pretty standard and don’t have many amenities. There are other models that have sinks in them and light, as well. Some models of portable toilets even have mirrors in them. There are even some available that has accessibility for individuals that are handicapped.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Portable Toilet?

There will be different prices for different types of models of porta potty. There will also be differences in price based upon how many of the porta potties you will be renting. Portable toilet rental is often cheaper the more portable toilets that you are going to use. As a general rule, you can probably expect to pay a few hundred dollars per month for a model that is pretty basic that you might be using at a construction site. If you are going to rent a portable toilet that is higher quality, like for a special occasion, then you can expect that your cost will be in the hundreds for each portable toilet. If you are getting a rental porta potty for just one day, then you will probably find that they will cost somewhere between a few hundred to fifteen hundred dollars a day. This will depend a lot on what type of portable toilet that you are going to be renting. The way that you can save some money when you are deciding on portable toilets is to figure out the best way that you can get the amount of portable toilets that you will need to have for your event. Don’t get more portable toilets that you need to have and you should be fine.

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