Possibility of the Existence of SEO in 2015 and Google’s Mindset

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Initially search engine optimisation used to be a self-standing advertising discipline. It used to have a well-defined and well-accepted set of objectives and activities. However, with the passage of time, it became more intertwined with the different marketing activities. In fact, it even made it more difficult for people to know the ending point of SEO and the starting point of social media. Moreover, the recent Google algorithms as well as the other developments suggest that the most popular search engine has embarked on a well-planned campaign. This is not just expected to change the nature of SEO but even devalue its practice in many ways.

Now, after taking all of these into consideration, the first question which arises in our mind is whether SEO, as it exists today, would be there in the year 2015? Though the answer to this question is a bit tricky but one thing that is sure is that the SEO clients and practitioners need to be ready for a few serious changes in their way of operation.

While trying to know what the search engine giant is up to, we first need to go to the source. To do so, we must know how Google has defined white hat SEO. This is something, where to generate leads and website ranking, certain rules and methods are followed. Matt Cutts, the Head of the Webspam Team of Google describes the following activities, which a good search engine optimisation agency must incorporate in their strategy:

  • Ensuring the website in concern is crawlable as well as clearly communicates with Google so that the content can be interpreted properly
  • Selecting the keywords that are most appropriate to the products and services offered by the website and the content developed with those keywords is understandable to the readers
  • Optimising the website’s usability
  • Improving the page loading time of a website

Now, while reading the points mentioned above, you must have wondered that improving the speed of a particular website includes things like conversion optimisation, programming and web design. Yes, it does and this is what is considered to be the upcoming change in this field. With the advancement of time, these things would be playing a significant role and would be indicative of the growing reliance of SEO on the varied marketing disciplines.

The next thing, if you have noticed, is that link building is missing from the list of activities. Earlier or even now, link building is considered to be one of the most important techniques of SEO. However, while releasing the Penguin algorithm update, Google strongly followed what was being suggested by Matt Cutts. In fact, that algorithm update was designed as an assault on link spamming. Hence, the repetitive use of keywords in anchor text gradually became ineffective; once it was quite effective though. Instead of generating website rankings with the help of professional SEOs and their devious efforts, Google wanted the backlinks to sprout up naturally. It wanted search engine optimisation to be done with the development of relevant and unique content.


Summary: This article reveals whether search engine optimisation would exist in 2015 and Google’s mindset about SEO.

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