Are You Prepared to Teach Your Teen About Guns?

When you have a child, there are many things you will want to educate them about over the years.

One such topic that many parents will discuss with their kids over time are guns.

From having one or more in the home to using them when hunting, guns are in millions of home across the country. With that in mind, is it time you had a talk with your teen about gun usage?

Knowing when the timing is right can prove tricky.

As an example, what if your child is not as mature as some of his or friends? Would it be wise for you to wait a few more years down the road before discussing guns?

Make sure above all else that you do not rush your teen into gun usage.

While you may start your children at an early age on holding and cleaning guns, shooting is different.

When you feel the time for them firing a weapon is right, make sure both of you are comfortable with the decision.

Always Make Safety Your Prime Focus

So that you lessen the odds of a serious injury or even fatal one taking place, remember a few keys:

1. Safety

Always the key facet of gun ownership, reiterate time and time again how important safety is.

This starts and ends with the gun itself, but there are other key factors in play.

For instance, never take for granted where and how you store the gun.

Making sure you have a top-notch holster for the weapon is imperative. Whether that means buying a holster from a brand such as SafariLand or others, do your research.

In storing your gun, make sure it is in a secure location in the home.

Even when you have a teen in the home, he or she can prove quite curious.

The gun should not be in an area of the home where they can access it. The best bet is storing the gun in a locked cabinet. You should be the only one to have a key to that cabinet. If you go out of town, leave the key where someone in the home can access the gun in an emergency such as a home invasion.

2. Hunting

If you decide you want to teach your teen to hunt with you, getting them involved in the sport at an early age makes sense.

Without rushing them into it, take them along on a few of your hunts first as observers. As they get older, they can handle a weapon. You may even want them to take a few shots for target practice before they actually hunt deer or other animals.

The most important factor is making sure your teen doesn’t overlook the safety factor.

From falling with a gun in-hand to firing it when not 100 percent sure there is an animal, accidents prove costly.

3. Responsibility

It is also important that you teach your teen responsibility in not only firing a weapon, but caring for it.

From cleaning the gun in a safe manner to where you store it in the home, teach them responsibility at an early age.

As your teen gets older, he or she will take that gun care responsibility into other facets of their life. In doing so, they become a more well-rounded young adult.

For you, it means you’ve done another important step in life as a parent. It can even mean sleeping a little better at night, knowing you have one less item to worry about.

With that in mind, are you prepared to teach your teen about guns?

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