How to reduce negativity in the workplace

We have all been there at some point in time when in the workplace: there is one person who is eternally negative day in, day out, which eventually spreads to the whole place. Or the business itself just has an unpleasant atmosphere that instantly puts you in a negative mindset when you arrive each day. The problem for all UK businesses is that this kind of constant negativity can have a massive adverse impact on the business’s future success. Negativity breeds poor performance, poor customer service and poor teamworking, which is certainly to be avoided.

What can you do to banish the spectre of negativity from your workplace if it has shown up?

Simple ways to eliminate workplace negativity

If you find your workspace a negative and brooding place to be, then these amazing tips should help out:

  • Root out the bad apples we all know the old saying “one bad apple spoils the barrel”, and this is because it is true. Try as you might, you will come across some workers who are just plain negative people. The problem is that this will spread to everyone else until your whole staff show the same attitude. If you have tried all you can and there is someone simply not playing ball, then it may be time to let them go.

  • Test for alcohol or drugs this may sound a little extreme, but many businesses do this now. Not only does it make your premises safer, but it will also help you to deal with anyone who is showing constant negativity. This can often be a sign of someone struggling with drug or alcohol misuse. By implementing a testing strategy and using a professional drug testing laboratory to get results, you can help staff who need it and show negativity the door.

  • Create a positive work culture one thing that you must grasp is that negativity breeds negativity. Therefore, it is essential that your company culture is a positive one as staff will most likely follow suit in their own attitudes. While 100% positivity may not be achievable (for example, if you are making some staff redundant), try to build it into the fabric of your company as the de-facto starting point.

  • Help staff to enjoy work it is no secret that staff who enjoy their work are also positive in their work. This is not just enjoying their work as in what they do each day but also having the chance to connect socially when on site. By helping them to engage with other staff members and organise social events out of work for your team, you can help them to enjoy coming in every day to see their fellow workers.

Say goodbye to negativity for good

There is no doubt that workplace negativity is a terrible thing. Not only will it affect how staff perform, but it will also lead to low employee retention rates. By taking steps to create a positive workplace that everyone loves coming into, you are making sure that this does not happen to your business. As the above shows, there are some simple yet effective ways to do just that.

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