Seven Known Traits of Successful Managers in Today’s World

Many experts have explained the traits of successful managers in the past, but none of the theories seem to completely fit today’s dynamic scenario. One needs to read multiple theories and join them together to get the model for a perfect manager as the requirements are continuously changing.

To help you understand how you can be a successful manager or how to recognize a successful manager, given below are seven characteristics to look for.

Make sure you implement these if you wish to be successful in this cutthroat world.


  1. 1.   Risk Taking

It is very important for every manager to take risks, but they should be calculated. Going with the flow and taking uncalculated risks is not a good thing as such a move may result in horrendous results. It is important for managers to see all possible implications of a decision before making up their mind so that the risk factor is minimized. However, they should also remember that they cannot completely remove risk.

  1. 2.   Well Informed

Effective and efficient managers need to be well informed regarding the happenings in the company, industry, country and environment. All these things have an impact on the business and the decision making process; hence, it is important for managers to be aware of such changes so that they can take decisions correctly.

  1. 3.   Foresight

Since most decisions are based on events that are yet to occur, it is important for managers to be able to predict the future. Understandably, one cannot predict the future 100% accurately; however, based on the available information, one can make an educated guess and then take decisions.

  1. 4.   Brave

Managers should be brave for several reasons. Firstly, their main job is to extract the best out of employees. Many people believe that such a thing is not possible if the manager is too lenient. Secondly, at times, managers have to take tough decisions such as firing employees. Business is a tough world where one has to take decisions that may not be right, but they have to be taken nonetheless. Successful managers are those who can take such decisions with ease and not get impacted in any way as long as all is in the name of good business.

  1. 5.   Interpersonal Skills

Managers need good interpersonal skills. Their job involves communicating with employees, clients and several other people. It is very important for them to be able to encode and decipher information correctly so that there is no confusion. In addition to verbal communication, they also need to have command over written communication as organizations often require managers to write reports, memos and other such documents.

  1. 6.   Technical Knowledge

Many people argue that it is not important for one to have technical knowledge to be able to successfully manage a company. This notion is wrong, as technical knowledge is very important. It does not mean that a manager should know how to run a specific machine in the factory. But they should understand the basic technical setup of machines and be able to learn skills when required.

  1. 7.   Conceptual Skills

Managers need conceptual skills so that they can play their roles well that include the role of a figurehead, liaison, spokesperson etc. If they have good conceptual skills, then they will be in a position to call the shots and take decisions regarding document management solutions and other such issues. It should also be mentioned that this knowledge does not only come from the books but from practical experience as well.

These are seven traits of successful managers in today’s demanding world. Make sure you develop these habits if you want to make it big in the corporate world. Click here to know more about management issues and solutions.

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Shirley is a business graduate from a prestigious university in London. She has years of experience of managing thousands of employees successfully. She believes that there is no hard and fast rule in management and one has to be careful regarding everything. She also emphasizes on using useful solutions such as document management solutions. Click here to learn more about it.

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