Slow and Steady Wins the Race? Snail Mail in Business

In a world where we communicate through 140 characters or less tweets, nine-second Vines, and simply “liking” other people’s content, even an email can seem old-fashioned, never mind traditional forms of snail mail. However, research shows that physical media, such as paper letters, postcards, or flyers, actually leave a greater impact on your target audience than electronic media does. Here are three reasons you shouldn’t stop posting letters just yet.


Startup or Small Businesses


Just starting a business is hard enough, but getting the public’s attention is the next step. If you’ve just opened a store in the area or you’re new to the industry, content that you send directly is a much better way to grab people’s attention than a standard email. A postcard with well-done graphics will catch the eye of your potential customer, whereas an online ad or randomly sent out email will most likely be ignored or end up in their junk folder. Now that you have their attention, direct them to your website by offering them an incentive such as a discount code if they sign up to your company newsletter.


Use of Retention Marketing


A lot people think the best way to keep in contact with their customers is through the use of bulk email marketing campaigns, but your businesses should really be sending out the message that it’s quality rather than quantity that matters to you. A personalised greetings card in the holidays or a birthday card is a great way to build customer loyalty. If you can’t afford to do this for all your customers, focus on your most loyal customers who’ve shown a habit of repeat buying.


A Lasting Impression


A great way to ensure your brand stays in the public consciousness is including free branded products in your snail mail. This doesn’t have to cost your company a lot of money, and the benefit is your brand is with your customers every day of the year. The key here is to include something useful to your customer that they won’t instantly throw away. Everyone is always looking for a spare pen so stationery is a good choice. Similarly, a fridge magnet could leave your company name on one of the most prominent spaces of your consumer’s home for an extended period of time.


Traditional forms of media get a lot of negative publicity in the digital age, but the biggest companies haven’t forgot the importance of snail mail. Buy in bulk, stock up on A5 envelopes and get the word out.


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