More students getting their laptops insured – All that you need to know

Students in colleges usually are a magnet for thieves as they own laptops, tablets, smartphones which they carry to their university. On an average, each of them carry possessions worth $4500 with them. Nearly 40% own a flat-screen TV while 45% own expensive games consoles and therefore the average student could run the risk of losing out thousands of dollars if something worse happens to them. With that in mind, it is important to note that students need to cover their costly possessions with some kind of gadget insurance policy. Laptops can be covered through laptop insurance and iPads can be covered with iPad insurance.

Student housing and university halls can be a tempting place for the thieves and students are therefore 4 times more likely to claim on their insurance policies than anyone else. Added to that are the situations like shared housing which is the primary reason for students losing their smartphones. Instead of repenting about stolen smartphones, laptops and tablets, isn’t it a wiser option to get them insured through gadget insurance policies?

Getting yourself included into the free option at hand

Did you know that it is possible for you to cover all your precious belongings under the home insurance policy of your parents? Yes, you are definitely able to get certain amount of protection from your family members. Although it is better to get an insurance policy of your own, yet when you’re already on your tight university budget, this offer can be indeed tempting. When you decide to cover your belongings through your parent’s home insurance policy, this will include all kinds of belongings in your room and will protect you against theft, fire, liquid spilling and damage caused due to floods or storms. If your parents have higher level of coverage, you may also get accidental coverage too.

Standalone coverage – A student insurance policy

If you think that your parents are not so keen about the idea of allowing you into their insurance policies, it might be a good idea to get yourself a student insurance policy. One of the benefits of having a policy that is entirely designed for the students is that they will most likely have low excess than traditional home insurance, may be around $25 or $50 for replacing a laptop than the usual $200. Hence you tend to save money. Some will also cover the total cost of replacing your downloads which may be useful when you have a library of songs.

In order to take care of your belongings, you need to check the security of your accommodation when you arrive and raise all kinds of safety concerns with the halls of your residences. Always ensure that there is nothing costly and expensive that is showing up through the window. Either turn on the curtains or keep them out of sight. However, if you don’t think you can manage them on your own, you can better be safe than sorry and get yourself an insurance policy.

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