Have You Suffered an Injury Due to Laser Hair Removal Treatment? What You should Do

Laser hair removal has become a popular option for those who would like to get rid of body or facial hair. This form of treatment is now offered by a plethora of salons around the UK, but, as with other types of beauty treatments, it should be performed only by a skilled and qualified technician using the proper equipment and technology. If you have suffered an injury due to laser hair removal, there are some facts you should know. The first fact is that you may be eligible for compensation. You can seek compensation for your injury due to laser hair removal if there has been negligence, a lack of skill or training, or incompetence in performing the procedure.

What you should expect

Laser hair removal treatment involves the use of IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, to target hair follicles or roots on the face and other areas of the body. In order to prevent the growth of hair in these areas, you are required to go through several sessions, depending on your skin type and the rate of growth of your body or facial hair. The hair follicles are basically destroyed by the intense beam from the laser to prevent hair growth. Although laser hair removal is not always permanent, meaning the hair can grow back, the hair that does grow back is often lighter and finer.

The risks related to laser hair removal

Just like other beauty treatments, laser hair removal carries some risks. It is important, for example, that the procedure is carried out only by a technician who has gone through the proper training. The laser equipment should also be appropriate for your skin type and colouring, and the sessions should also be scheduled in such a way that your skin is allowed to recover between each session. If the procedure is not done by a skilled and qualified technician or if it is done with improper equipment or scheduling, you are at risk for injuries such as burns, skin discolouration, rashes, scarring, blistering, and infection. There are even some cases where the skin loses its pigmentation, resulting in a lighter skin colour which can be unattractive. Whatever type of injury you have, you can try seeking compensation if the technician or salon did not perform the proper procedure or did not use the correct equipment.

What to do if you have an injury

Depending on the severity of your injury or laser burn, you should have it treated by a medical professional (for severe burns and injuries) or perform emergency treatment yourself with the use of ointments or cold compresses (for more minor burns or injuries). Take photos of your injuries and make sure to keep all receipts and list down all the expenses related to the injury. Contact an experienced solicitor who can give you expert advice on how to seek compensation.

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