Suits 101: Fit Them Right, Wear Them Right

It’s not enough to find the best-fitting suit, one should know how to wear it right as well. There are unspoken rules in wearing a suit that you might not know about. Here are a few tips that might help you bring the most out this amazing wardrobe staple.

Keep everything subtle.

Consider the color of the suit before anything else. Fashion trends dictate that subtle colors are the most appropriate ones for suits for they contribute to an overall clean look. The color of your suit will vary depending on its intended use. The best colors for all kinds of occasions are navy blue, charcoal gray, and medium gray. Black and white suits are best for formal events. Brown, khaki, and other colors are considered informal and should only be used for casual wear. The color of your suit also determines the color of your tie. Dark-colored suits go with light-colored ties, and light-colored suits go with dark-colored ties.

Follow the rules of buttons.

Suits can come in a number of varieties when it comes to the buttons. The most common varieties are one-buttoned, two-buttoned, and three-buttoned suits. Two-buttoned suits are generally regarded as less formal than the three-buttoned and single-buttoned ones. Regardless of the number of buttons on a suit, the first button should sit right on top or a little above your navel when the suit is worn. As a rule, never button up the last button to allow for better mobility. Don’t forget to unbutton your suit when sitting down.

Find an appropriate lapel for the appropriate situation.

Believe it or not, suits have differently-shaped lapels for different purposes, so make sure to brush up on this topic before hitting the menswear section of your favorite clothing store such as Edit Suits. The width of one’s lapel helps determine the width of the tie that must be used. Ideally, the tie should be similar in width with the lapel to better complement the entire look. Want a more modern look? Avoid a suit with a wide lapel since these are considered old-fashioned by most.

Don’t forget the little details.

A well-fitted suit does not just get you to say, “Hey, I can get in it! And I’m still comfortable, so this must be okay.” Here are a few pointers that will help you determine whether you are wearing the right suit the right way.

  • The shoulder pads should not stick out nor droop over.

  • Avoid gaps between your dress shirt and your suit lapel.

  • The suit should be long enough to cover up your zipper and your rear.

  • Sleeve cuffs of your dress shirt should not pop out more than half an inch.

  • If you sweat out easily and have decided to wear an undershirt, opt for one with a low neckline.


Be it for work, a party, or a leisurely walk, suits are indeed an indispensable part of a man’s closet. Just like women’s dresses, you don’t just have to fit them right—you’ve got to wear them right, too. Now that you already know a few rules on how to wear them, it’s now time to suit up and put your best look forward.

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